BUMDC Karachi MBBS & BDS Admission 2024, Form Entry Test

Bahria University Medical & Dental College Karachi BDS & MBBS Admission 2024

BUMDC as known by the name of Bahria University is one of the recognized and best educational centers in the Pakistan. This university center is known out to be the Federally Chartered Public Sector University that is established in the place of Islamabad. This university center was established in the year 2000 under the supervision of the Pakistan Navy department. In just the small time period of its establishment this educational center has made its prominent place inside the educational world. This university center do offer with the education in various disciplines mentioning with the names of Health Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Computer Sciences, Management Sciences, Social Sciences, Law, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Psychology and Maritime Studies. Now just a couple of days back, Bahria University Medical & Dental College Karachi has announced with its fresh and latest admissions for the students in the programs of MBBS and BDS.



BUMDC Karachi MBBS & BDS Admission 2024, Form Entry Test

BUMDC Karachi MBBS & BDS Admission 2020, Form Entry Test

What is The Eligibility Criteria BUMDC Karachi MBBS & BDS Admission 2024:

Applicant who is applying they should be holding the score of 60% as inside the subjects of the Pre-Medical group of the category of Higher Secondary School Certification or equivalent in the place of Pakistan.


Overseas applicants should be having the British Advanced Level Certification in the subjects of the Biology as well as Chemistry and Physics. In these subjects they should be having the score of the 60% (Pre-Medical) in the IBCC Equivalence.


Applicants on the overseas level should also be holding the US Grade-12 or Canadian-Grade 12 or 13 Diploma all along with the minimum GPA 3.0.


There is no such kind of the age limit that has been set inside the admission in MBBS / BDS programs at BUMDC.



Information About Entry Test in BUMDC Karachi MBBS & BDS Admission 2024:

All the applicants who would be applying it is important for them that they should be appearing in the entry test that would be conducted by the side of the NTS. Without appearing in the NTS test you would not be coming out as eligible for the admission. Candidates on the overseas level should be having the minimum SAT II score 550 marks in the two subjects among the Biology and Physics. Chemistry is not included in the entry test but still the candidates have to appear in the interview. Test would be asking the questions that would be based on the Biology, Chemistry and Physics subjects. The duration of the test is about 2 hours and the format would be in the series of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) for each subject.



What Is The Selection Criteria For BUMDC Karachi MBBS & BDS Admission 2024?

50% marks will be included from the written entry test.
40% marks will be included from the HSSC.
10% marks will be included from the SSC.



Contact Details For BUMDC Karachi MBBS & BDS Admission 2024:

To know more about the admission 2024 process of the Bahria University you can contact the below mentioned contact details at any time:
Address: Adjacent to PNS SHIFA, DHA Phase-II, Karachi
Phone: +92-21-35319491-9
Email: info.bumdc@bahria.edu.pk



In conclusion, BUMDC Karachi MBBS & BDS admission 2024 epitomizes the culmination of rigorous academic pursuits. The selection process underscores the institution’s commitment to academic excellence. Meritorious candidates vie for coveted spots within the prestigious institution. It reflects the competitive landscape of medical education. The meticulous evaluation of applicants ensures the admission 2024 of individuals possessing both intellectual acumen & ethical integrity. The admission 2024 process is a testament to the institution’s unwavering dedication to fostering future healthcare professionals imbued with a sense of social responsibility. It signifies a life changing journey towards the attainment of professional competence & clinical proficiency. The culmination of the admission 2024 process marks the beginning of an enriching educational odyssey characterized by intellectual rigor & clinical exposure . Admitted students embark on a trajectory guided by a multidimensional approach to medical education,, integrating theoretical knowledge with practical application . The prospect of acquiring cutting-edge medical skills & competencies within a dynamic learning environment awaits aspiring medical practitioners . The holistic educational framework encompasses not only academic enrichment but also personal & professional development. Admitted students become integral members of a vibrant academic community committed to advancing medical knowledge & clinical practice. BUMDC Karachi MBBS & BDS admission 2024 heralds the convergence of diverse talents & aspirations within a supportive learning milieu. It represents the gateway to a transformative educational experience characterized by innovation & excellence . The admission 2024 procedure serves as a harbinger of future contributions to the medical profession & society at large. Admitted students become torchbearers of the institution’s legacy, embodying its core values of integrity, compassion & excellence. As they embark on their academic journey, they are poised to make indelible contributions to the healthcare landscape, guided by the principles of professionalism & ethical conduct. BUMDC Karachi MBBS & BDS admission 2024 epitomizes the embodiment of academic distinction & clinical proficiency , ushering in a new cohort of medical professionals poised to shape the future of healthcare delivery.



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