BIEK Karachi Board Inter FA, FSc, ICom Part 1 & 2 Result 2023

BIEK Karachi Board Inter FA, F.Sc, I.Com 1st Year & 2nd Year Annual Exam Online Result 2023
Studying for degree is not what is required. Education means awareness and self-recognition. Without this mission and vision education means nothing. For the countries like Pakistan, it is highly important to give the young ones the knowledge that is required to uplift them as a skillful member of the society. It is not important to learn a book by heart, but what is required is to apply the knowledge properly. The concepts are more important than the theoretical learning. It is the concept that makes the use of knowledge possible. The parrot learning loses the impact, but the concepts last longer. The concepts can be further improved through research and development.


Inter FA, FSc, ICom Par 1 & 2 Result 2023

BIEK Karachi Board Inter FA, FSc, ICom Part 1 & 2 Result 2023


Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan. It has residents from various parts of the world that are living here. The city was the first capital of Pakistan. It is also famous for being the city of Quaid e Azam. Karachi is one of the oldest cities. It is one of those cities where Islam first entered with the arrival of Muhammad Bin Qasim. Karachi is the center of major politic, social, financial and cultural activities in the country. It is a great employment hub for people from all over the country. Thus, people from all over the country try to look for the best in this country. Karachi is also known for its education institutions. It provides primary, secondary and professional studies through world class institutions like Aga Khan Medical University. Although over the last few years the political and security upheavals have threatened the city of Karachi, but the city has fought back very bravely without losing its life and spirit. Karachi is also known for the wide sea shores and also the city of lights.



Karachi is a large city and therefore it is divided into zones. Number of schools and colleges exist in the city governing the secondary and higher secondary education. In order to make the system run smoothly, the Karachi board was created to regulate the system. Due to increasing population and the vast number of schools and colleges in both private and public sector the Karachi board was further split into secondary and higher secondary sections each running separately. The BIEK looks after the intermediate education system starting with the registration of the institutions, students, and then carrying out the examination process.



The final examination of intermediate part 1 and 2 are conducted from May to June every year. The examination has two parts theoretical as well practical examination. The BIEK Karachi board Inter FA, FSc, ICom part 1 & 2 result 2023 will appear in the month of August. The BIEK board tries to carry out the entire system with the same routine every year. We wish all the students awaiting the BIEK Karachi board Inter part 1 & 2 result 2023 good luck. There is much to come before you, so we hope your result 2023 will bring lots of good news for you. Stay updated with us for BIEK Karachi board Inter part 1 & 2 result 2023.


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