All about Pi Network, π Cryptocurrency Price, Mining, Pros & Cons

Introduction of π Network, Pi Coin Price, Mining Procedure, Pros and Cons

Pi Network hence is working as the latest and advanced digital currency which is also known as the Pi Coin. Yet, this latest pi cryptocurrency is about to launch very soon. There have been so many rumors that have been spread in the social media world related with this latest pi cryptocurrency but still we are available right here for you to let you know about what this latest currency is all about and how you can rather put all your investment into it.


All about Pi Network, Pi Cryptocurrency Price, Mining, Pros & Cons

All about Pi Network, π Cryptocurrency Price, Mining, Pros & Cons


This Bitcoin cryptocurrency was launched officially in the year 2008 and currently it is known to be the most demanding and successful form of digital currency available in today’s market. In the year 2008, Bitcoin allowed the public to easily join their cryptocurrency platform just for getting some free set of bitcoins. Although the have put them into the risk but at the same time they got maximum rewards as well. The initial price of the Bitcoin was just one dollar. Well, now 1 Bitcoin has the cost which is all equal to the 44000$. This sudden change happened as in just the time period of 12 years.


Launch of Android Pi Network Application
In March 2019, the application of the Pi Network had been introduced. Now just after 2 years, the launch of the first price of the pi based digital currency is about to announce now. This long delay is probably due to the rumors related with the rising reliability of this whole cryptocurrency. It is being expected that its price will range between the 5$ to almost 100$. Another exciting thing about Pi network is that you will be getting free set of Pi coins once you have register yourself with the platform.


Is it a scam?
This is an important question which many of the new users ask! But we can not give you a 100% guarantee that this pi network does not come out to be fake or scam but it is risk free initially. You have to make your own account with the Pi network at your own danger.


How you Can Register on Pi Network?
Firstly download and install the pi network app from your Google Play Store.
Open your app and create your own account by mentioning your mobile number in it. You can even sign it all through your Google or Facebook account.
Choose the specific country option to select your company and then enter a strong easy password.
Enter the name which you have already on the CNIC so the verification is all done accordingly. Your account instantly gets terminated if your name does not matches with the CNIC.




There is no risk of any loss of money in Pi Network mining and procedure of mining of π coins is hassle free and very easy. Everyone can try his luck. In case of rapid increase of pi coins price you may also enter in the booming business of cryptocurrency trade. In case of any scam you will loss nothing.


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