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What is the Scope of Hospitality Management in Pakistan? Tips in Urdu & English

What is the Scope of Hospitality Management or Hotel Management in Pakistan? Golden Tips in Urdu & English
This Urdu career guide about scope of hospitality management in Pakistan is shared and put up over here. It is all true that in Pakistan we have only single institution which is present in Karachi that offer the studies linked to hospitality management field. This institute is named as Pakistan Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management.

Stats Gathered by Pakistan Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management
In the recent times, they have gathered some of the facts and according to them, there are 1100 hotels which are currently operational in Pakistan. These 1100 hotels have the capacity of 19000 rooms and 34000 beds. Uptil now, 40,000 people are linked to the profession of hospitality management. There is a surge of more hotel management professionals. This Pakistan Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management has 17 different departments in its campus. Its 12 departments are working on the sector of hotel management and its 5 departments are working on the sector of tourism section.

Courses Linked to Field of Hospitality Management
Course of Elementary Hotel Management: This is the elementary level course and in this course, the enrolled candidates receive the knowledge about hotel management. The above mentioned institute offer this course, and they have made a requirement that you have to be inter passed. Only basics of hotel management are offered in this course.

Course of Food and Beverages Operation: This course is delivered and served by the above mentioned institution as well. In this course, you get the understanding that how quality of a dish can be evaluated.

Available Job Options in Hospitality Management & Hotel Management Fields 
If you have studied this hospitality management field, then you can work as an accommodation manager. You can get a job as a catering manager or you can work as a chef. The job options like event manager, fast food restaurant manager, public house manager, hotel manager, restaurant manager, human resources officers, customer service manager, tour manager, retail manager- all these job options are available in this hospitality management field.

Fields Opened for Hospitality Management Professionals
You can be working in the professional areas linked to catering, conference management, you can work for the event management side. These hospitality management professionals can serve in the sector which is attached to tourism and leisure sector, entertainment sector, food service management sector. You can also play one of the relevant roles in the public sector. Do you know that some of the large chain hotels and too restaurants, they offer these graduate-management programs so that you can get hire on the management positions on a fast-track basis. Let us see that when more institutions and rest of the Pakistani universities will offer more extensive studies program attached to hospitality management field.

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What is the Scope of Hospitality Management in Pakistan? Tips in Urdu & English

What is the Scope of Hospitality Management in Pakistan? Tips in Urdu & English