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First Online Wonders of The World Quiz in Pakistan, MCQ Test

Pakistan’s 1st Online Test About 7 Wonders of The World, Multiple Choice Questions MCQ Test
Have you ever listened about 7 wonders of the world? Multiple choice questions (MCQs) about seven wonders of the ancient world are often included in different kinds of competitive exams and entrance tests. In 2007 seven new wonders of the world have been selected after a world wide competition. 13 other wonders of present era were also included in the finalists.

In this quiz MCQs have been included about all these 27 old and new wonders of the world. Some questions about other famous buildings are also included in this MCQ test. We have designed this first online wonders of the World quiz in Pakistan for you so that you may be able to increase your general knowledge (GK).

First Online Wonders of The World Quiz in Pakistan, MCQ TestFirst Online Wonders of The World Quiz in Pakistan, MCQ Test

First Online Wonders of The World Quiz in Pakistan, MCQ Test

Wonders of the world in fact those buildings which are so marvelous that even now with the great engineering technology and machinery we can not even thin to reconstruct such buildings like Pyramids of Egypt, Great Wall of China and famous Taj Mahal. Majority of our students even do not know the names of ancient 7 wonders of the world. General knowledge level of our students have become very poor as they spend majority of their spare time on social media websites, instead of reading books. This quick MCQ test will not only give your general knowledge but also confidence.

If you want to appear in any competitive exam then now you have landed on the right website as we are going to upload unique online tests on all topics of general knowledge including 7 wonders of the world. If you are interested to remain updated about all new happening of the world then visit and its facebook page daily. Our whole team wish you people best of luck for your future plans.


Which Wonder of The World is Visible From Space With Naked Eye?


Petronas Tower is Located in


Symbol of Maya Civilization Machu Picchu is Located in Which Country?


Pisa Tower is Located in Which Country?

5. Burj Khalifa is Located in Which Arab Country?




Grand Canyon is Located in


Which Canal Connects the Red and Mediterranean Seas?


Petra is Located in


Golden Gate Bridge is Located in


Which Country is Called The Roof of The World?


Who Built The Famous Taj Mehal?


Which One of These Was Included in Classic Seven Wonders of The World?


Stone Henge is Located in


Longest Undersea Tunnel of The World i.e Chanel Tunnel is Located Between UK and ……?

15. Statue of Liberty is The Gift of Which Country For USA?



CN Tower is Located in Which Country?


Empire State Building is Located in


Famous Hanging Gardens Were Located in


Red Square is Situated in


Which One of These Was Not Included in Classic Seven Wonders of The World?

21. Alhamra Palace is Located in



Light house of Alexandria Was Located in


Opera House is Located in Which City?


Eiffel Tower is Located in


Christ the Redeemer Statue is Located in


Which Canal Connects The Atlantic and Pacific Oceans?


Historic Building Hagia Sofia is Located in Which Country?


Sign of Roman Civilization and Empire “The Colosseum” is Located in Which Country?


Mount Fuji is a Holy Mountain of


Chichen Itza is Located in

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