Wifaq Ul Madaris Online Date Sheet 2024 for Annual & Supplementary Exams

Download Wifaq Ul Madaris Al-Arabia, Pakistan Online Date Sheet 2024 for All Levels Annual & Supplementary Exams
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Students of this specific religious school, they just click on this provided link and easily get with your exams date sheet 2024. This is the only step which you have to carry out. From this page, you will get constant and regular news about the exam proceedings of this religious institution. We are going to officially reveal this info that which programs are currently served by this subjected institution and which of it programs are in pipeline. Just remain in touch with this source. Now move onto the details that which basis religious and Islamic functions are served and managed by Wifaq ul Madaris body:


Wifaq ul Madaris Al-Arabia, Pakistan

Wifaq Ul Madaris Online Date Sheet 2024 for Annual & Supplementary Exams


Religious Functions Served by Wifaq ul MadarisĀ Al-Arabia, Pakistan
Message of peace is spread by this Islamic institution. For growth and success in any country, peace is important. Our country Pakistan and its people can remain in their peaceful zones and can have peaceful lives if their ideological thinking will work and think at same levels. We have to think alike, And this same approach is followed by this Wifaq ul Madaris body. This Islamic body and rest of religious institutions, they try to convince and positively pressurize their students that thinking alike can bring more peace in our country. We should not let hatred to come in our lives. Intolerant people cannot let this society to survive.



So how this hatred can be removed? This can be done if these religious schools and Islamic institutions will work together. They should produce such scholars that they are inculcate with message of peace and love, tolerance in their minds. Moreover, the government of Pakistan has to keep an active eye on the newly established tanzeems. In Pakistan, we have seen a rapid growth of these religious schools. That is why government of Pakistan are not keeping a close eye on these tanzeems. No doubt Wifaq ul Madaris body is serving its duties on an honest terms and basis and the same handling of operations criteria should be followed by other bodies.



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