Why Study Agriculture? Career Counseling Tips in Urdu & English

Career Counseling Guide on Scope of Agriculture in Pakistan, Career, Job Opportunities, Tips in Urdu & English Language. 
Here all the readers can easily explore this field line of agriculture. In Pakistan, this field and career line is exceptionally going well, we have University of agriculture in Faisalabad which is one of the renowned agriculture linked universities in Pakistan. Then we have Sindh agriculture university, Sarhad University in Peshawar, Barani agriculture university in Rawalpindi, agriculture university in Quetta and College of veterinary sciences in Lahore, we have Forest institute in Peshawar and College of agriculture in Multan, all these institutions and universities offers undergraduate and post graduate studies of agriculture.

Sub Branches of Field of Agriculture
Horticulture and crop physiology are the important sub fields of this primary field line In the field of horticulture, you learn about crops, fruits and vegetables growth and production. You learn the basics of landscape engineering and know about the methods that how plants can be grown by test tube method. Then in the sub field of crop physiology, you look at the different characteristics of crops and plants.

Career Prospects in Field of Agriculture
You can work in the food science department, note that these food scientists are in great demand and the job growth prospects of this career line is growing. In this job, you will be improving food products and you will then create and make new one products by doing researching.

You can serve as a veterinarian, this job is to deal with the farm animals. You should know that the health of animals is actually connected to human as well as with environmental health. It is an interdisciplinary sub field of agriculture.

You can be working as one of the horticulturists, this is the category of highly skilled and professional agricultural workers and in this job you will drive and operate and you will also maintain the equipments which are needed to harvest the crops. You will operate tractors, balers and conveyors and these manure spreaders, you should know how to use mowers, shredders, harvesters and these power washers.

Job Options in Agriculture Field
These agriculturists can also become the food packers and packagers, one should know that before any of these agricultural products reach to their ultimate and final destination, they have to be packaged appropriately, this is the basic duty of these food packers.

You can look for the job in agribusiness management sector, you can be managing a farm on your own.

Note that this horticulture field and agriculture field, both of them are related fields. Both of these professionals have to focus their skills, expertise and experience right on growing and also selling marketable fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants. The promising jobs of this field is to work as landscape designers or as nursery managers, or to work as florists. You can even work as forestry experts who will be managing natural resources on lands.

You can keep in touch with us and we will more discuss about this agriculture field and its scope in Pakistan.

Why Study Agriculture? Career Counseling Tips in Urdu & English

Why Study Agriculture? Career Counseling Tips in Urdu & English

Why Study Agriculture? Career Counseling Tips in Urdu & English

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