What is the Scope of Distance Learning Education in Pakistan?

Scope of Distance Learning Education in Pakistan
Have you thought about the scope of distance learning education in Pakistan, here are the informative stats for you. This distance learning education is offered by the open universities. Like we have Allama Iqbal Open university working in Pakistan. For this mode of education, students sit back at their home and get education. This education makes no requirement from the students to attend lectures and class room discussions. Online lectures are given and online exams and tests are also taken. Online video lectures are given to the students.

This is a flexible education deliverance mode and it is a convenient mode for the students who often find difficulty in going to the universities. This education mode has highlighted this point that education is the biggest power and strength which any country can possess. Illiterate countries gets eventually overtaken by the educated and developed countries. Those people who will not get education on time, they will be left behind in success and growth race. Education has to be every nation priority. This Allama Iqbal Open University is state of the art distance learning university in Pakistan.

Allama Iqbal Open University- A Distance Learning Institute
This university named as Allama Iqbal Open university, it was created in 1974 and then in 1975, it just started its academic operations in Pakistan. It is the first university being set up in Pakistan which work for the growth of distance learning and online education. It comprise of faculty of Arabic and Islamic studies and this faculty has the departments of Arabic language and literature, Islamic law, hadith and seerah, Islamic thought, history and culture department.

Then this university consist of faculty of education and it has these departments working in it, they are educational planning and management department, adult and continuing education department, distance and non formal education, science education department, teacher education department. This university is packed with faculty of sciences as well and this subjected faculty contains the departments of biology and chemistry, computer science and information technology, engineering and technology department, mathematics and statistics department, home and health sciences department.

Scope and Worth of Distance Learning Education Mode in Pakistan
Now, the students of Pakistan, they prefer this medium of distance learning education because it is one of the cost effective learning mediums. This distance education mode save their traveling cost, accommodation cost, fuel cost and it is much more beneficial in the other ways as well. In Pakistan, there is a maximum and dire need to make such distance learning institutes more and more so that education can become more accessible in every street and corner of Pakistan.

In short distance learning degrees of AIOU and VU are now accepted everywhere in Pakistan and abroad. Many other general universities have also established their distance learning directorate like GCUF, Gomal University, IIUI, University of Peshawar and Comsats. Degrees of these universities are also recognized everywhere.

This is all about the scope of scope of distance learning education in Pakistan, for more info, remain in touch with us. If you think that physically going to the college or university is tough for you then you can shift your education mode to this distance learning education mode.

What is the Scope of Distance Learning Education in Pakistan?

What is the Scope of Distance Learning Education in Pakistan?