What is Glaucoma? Treatment, Signs, Precautions, Diagnosis (Urdu-English)

What are The Key Symptoms of Glaucoma? General Information, Prevention, Treatment, Risks, & Diagnosis

Glaucoma is yet a form of disease that harms your optic nerve. The essential reason behind the harm is liquid development in the front piece of the eyeball. The development happens on the grounds that the liquid cannot deplete as it should.



Why it is Important to get Ordinary Tests for Glaucoma?
Glaucoma surgery can cause irreversible visual impairment. As despite the fact that there is no remedy for glaucoma and no solution for visual deficiency as there are approaches to help keep the movement of glaucoma! With a straightforward, non-obtrusive test at your eye specialist’s office, you and your specialist can be educated in the event that you have glaucoma a long time before visual impairment happens. In the event that you stay away from eye physical checkups or evade the straightforward glaucoma test, you hazard building up this ailment to a point where you could pine away halfway or add up to visual impairment over a mind-blowing rest.


What are the Early Signs of Glaucoma?
As notwithstanding customary eye checkups, you can maintain a strategic distance from the movement of glaucoma by being cautious about seeing early cautioning indications of glaucoma. In the event that you see any or the majority of the accompanying side effects, you should see our optometrists immediately. Few of the basic signs for Glaucoma treatment are as discussed below:


Seeing Coronas around Lights: This manifestation might be most evident amid evening time driving, as when radiance may show up around streetlights or approaching headlights.


Vision Misfortune in one or both Eyes: In the event of Glaucoma that you have a vulnerable side in your field of vision, or notice a decline in sharpness of vision. It is an ideal opportunity to be tried for glaucoma. Another type of vision misfortune regular with glaucoma is a decrease of fringe vision.


Eye Torment or Weight: Torment might be sharp or dull, or there might be a summed up sentiment of weight that is likened to what you feel amid a sinus disease to be yet in the eye.
Shady looking eyes or whites of the eyes: This is effectively detectable in a mirror.


Sickness with or without Heaving: It is normal to encounter this side effect notwithstanding at least one of the others referenced.
Incessant redness: Are your eyes red and tired searching for a long time consecutively? This is one of the early cautioning indications of glaucoma and ought to be investigated by your eye specialist. This is the major sign to ask for Glaucoma treatment.


Seeing Rainbow Rings Around Lights: As to be seeing multi-hued rings around lights is an indication that glaucoma may be available.


Serious and Sudden Migraine: As on the off chance that you encounter this alongside at least one of alternate indications noted as to get treated promptly.


Sudden and Extreme Eye Torment: This is a basic cautioning indication of an intense assault of glaucoma, and requires crisis treatment. If it happens consult for Glaucoma surgery.


Phosphorous is the first homeopathic medicine for treatment of Glaucoma.


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What is Glaucoma? Treatment, Signs, Precautions, Diagnosis (Urdu-English)

What is Glaucoma? Treatment, Signs, Precautions, Diagnosis (Urdu-English)