View All PHEC Scholarships 2024, Apply Now

Do you want to know about the quick details and view all PHEC scholarships 2024, apply now in order to apply right now! If yes, then you do not have to look around here and there because right through this post we are coming out with the detail discussion of some of the important and best information behind the PHEC scholarships 2024. But first of all let’s have a short description about what PHEC is all about and what sort of functions it performs for the students in the educational field work.


View All PHEC Scholarships 2024, Apply Now

View All PHEC Scholarships 2019, Apply Now


PHEC is the abbreviation of Punjab Higher Education Commission that has been established as for the purpose of promotion and monitoring of the higher education in the provinces.  It is all taken to be the autonomous body that has eventually taken the place of the Higher Education Commission in the Punjab provinces.



Punjab Higher Education Commission

The main primary duty of this department has been all about monitoring and inspecting all along with the patronizing with the higher educational institutions in almost all the universities of the Pakistan.  Now the best efforts are being carried out in the prospect where it is trying the best efforts to get into collaboration mode with the international based universities as well and are offering the fundamental merit based scholarships for the students on the Punjab level of the universities.  This is entirely a good step forward.


Right through this web page you would be able to get a complete detailed discussion as about the PHEC scholarships for the year 2024. All the scholarship categories which the PHEC has been introducing is arranged as on top of the students and so as the faculty members as in favor the public sector educational institutions.


If you will be checking out in the newspapers then you would be able to get closer with so many of the best scholarship programs that are being announced for the students and the faculty members in building their future career stronger. As majority of the students are not much fond of reading the newspapers therefore right into this web page we will be giving out the edge to edge information all about it.



PHEC Scholarships 2024

Punjab HEC has been stepping ahead in order to give away the scholarship programs as best meant for the students of the MS, MPHIL, or the PhD categories as well. Some of the common known scholarship programs announced by the PHEC are as mentioned below:


  • Punjab HEC Split PhD Scholarship Program
  • Punjab HEC Foreign Post Doctoral Scholarship for Public Sector College/University Faculty
  • Punjab HEC International Travel Grants
  • Chief Minister Punjab Foreign Faculty Development Program
  • GCU Lahore PHEC Split PhD scholarship Program


All the scholarships program 2024 by PHEC which we did mention here are based on the certain requirements and conditions to cover up in order to be the part of this scholarship program.  If you do think that you are much talented and qualified much to move into these scholarship programs, then without any second thought in your mind apply for them right now. Click on the link given below for latest PHEC scholarships 2024.


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