University of Health Sciences Lahore MDCAT 2021 Paper Attempting Guidelines

University of Health Sciences UHS Lahore MDCAT/MCAT Entry Test 2021 Guidelines For Paper Attempting
It is in August, 2021 that this University of Health Sciences UHS Lahore MDCAT entry test will be proceeded and take and here we have shared the details to all of the readers and candidates of this test that how can they attempt this MDCAT entry test. Like what are the rules to attempt this test and which of the important things and rules they have to keep in mind! There are few of the basics when it comes to the attempting of every single entrance test, same way this entrance test MDCAT comprises rules as well.



Bringing All Documents And Admit Card on The Test Day
You should never and ever forget of bringing all the important documents and too your admit card on the test. Bring the blue blue point with you and a neat looking clipboard, if your academic and test preparation is up to the mark then your this side of preparation should also up to the mark.



Filling Out The Response Form
When the invigilator is going to handover you the response form, then carefully put up and write down your name and roll number details on it. With the response form of yours, carbonized sheet is attached too, you should not detach. You can only detach it once your test will be finished from your side.



Counting The Pages of Your Question Paper
Do count the pages properly of your question. Inform the examiner if you find any issue with respect to the missing pages in your question paper.



Using Blue Ball Point Pen Only
You can only be using the blue ball point pen, do not make the mistake of using some other colored pen. Your entire test of MDCAT will get rejected if you will some other pen.



Marking of Correct And Incorrect Responses
The candidate will get and score 5 marks if he or she is going to give the correct response and he has to face the deduction of 1 mark if he is going to give an incorrect answer. You will get no mark and no deduction will take place upon leaving any question unanswered.



Detaching Carbonized Sheet from The Response Form
The last step is to detach the carbonized sheet right from your response form, you are allowed to take this sheet with you so that you can count the score of yours when UHS is going to upload the answer sheet on their portal.



Rough Work Sheet Present on The Last Page of Your Question Paper
For solving physics and chemistry numerical questions, students will be in need of rough paper sheets, so for this purpose, you can go back to the last sheet of your question paper and there you can do your all sort of rough work.



So all the candidates of this University of Health Sciences MDCAT entry test, make sure to follow all of these guidelines and good luck from our side. For more suggestion on attempting the other kinds of entrance test, keep connected with us on this page.



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