All Ufone Super Card Packages Details 2024, Free Stuff, Activation Codes

Ufone Super Card Family Offers 2024, Free Facilities & Subscription Codes

There is no doubt that now all Ufone users love to use their super card as well. This network connection has become one of the biggest family network service providers. Here we will only talk about the aspects of Ufone super card. By using it, you will be given lots of free on net minutes, free minutes to be used on other networks. You will get free MBS as well as free SMS bucket. There are many versions of this super card and below we have written down the information about them:



Types of Ufone Super Card

There is this Ufone super card, then we have super card plus. Some of the people love using mini super card, then there are super minutes, super internet and too super recharge offer.



Points to Keep in Mind While Using Ufone Super Card

You can also be using these cards by using the facility and option of Uload. You have to dial *706# so that you can get to know that how many minutes, internet MBs and sms messages are left behind. Through this method, you can keep a check and balance. It is only for prepaid customers that these offers are right now available.


Digital Grand Offer

This is the largest Ufone super card offer. It comes with free Golooto & free shoq subscription. Its is available in just Rs. 1500/- & it gives 1000 other networks mins and 10000 on U to U & PTCL mins with 100 GB Internet and 10000 SMS. Dial #900# to subscribe this offer.



Ufone Super Card Gold

This card is also becoming very popular among masses as its price is just 1299 rupees. You will get 600 off net mins, unlimited on net minutes, 30GB net and unlimited SMS in this package for 30 days by dialing *900#.



Ufone Super Card Grand

This Ufone super card is quite high in demand. In only Rs 949, you will get 450 off net minutes, 20 GB, 6000 PTCL minutes and 6000 SMS. If you have experience of using this bundle, then share your reviews with us. It is due to these packages that this connection has become the top network connection in Pakistan.



Ufone Super Card Max Details

This is another super card bundle which you can try. It carries the top and highest demand these days. From this card, you will be getting 350 off net minutes, unlimited PTCL minutes and 10 GB and too 4500 sms. If any one of you is the regular user of this card, then you can share your reviews with us. Its price is just 849 rupees.



Mini Super Card Details

This mini super card is for those people who have a limited budget, but still they look for ways to talk to their friend. 100 off net minutes are given to the customer and along with it, he will get 3GB, 1000 PTCL minutes and also 3500 sms. This is a great introduction and pack of bundle which is given by this company. You can try this bundle and version and share your feedback over here. Its subscription code in *230#. This bundle is being offered in 420 rupees.



Details of Super Internet Offer

This Internet offer hence become one of the popular offers these days. You will get 1.5 GB of Internet for seven days in 180 rupees by dialing *220# in this particular bundle version. Try this recharge offer as it has show and come up with such amazing results.



Super Minutes Details

By activating this offer, the customer will get 170 minutes to all network. This is the most loved offer which people are using these days. This deal is available in 190 rupees. *210# is its subscription code.


Do not go any where and more details on these Ufone packages and latest bundles will be posted on this page. Now read details of all Ufone super card packages 2024 and even download it.


All Ufone Super Card Packages Details 2024, Free Stuff, Activation Codes



All Ufone Super Card Packages Details 2024, Free Stuff, Activation Codes