Top Ten Health Tips in English & Urdu Languages

Top 10 Health & Fitness Tips in Urdu & English Languages
Health is wealth and this is a true fact for centuries and centuries! Here you will know about the top ten health tips. These are the golden tips and we are sure that these healthy suggestions will bring an improvement in your health:

1. Brush Your Teeth Daily
It is very important for you to brush your teeth daily. Once you will have your meal, you should give a brushing action to your teeth. With a dry brush, you have to clean your teeth, in this way all tartar will be removed. By using a soft brush, apply toothpaste on it and brush your teeth.

2. Do Not Skip Your Breakfast
It is proven that those who will not skip their breakfasts, they will remain smart and healthy. Even if you have a bowl of yogurt and two boiled eggs, these are enough to remain healthy.

3. Have Fish Once In a Week
Then you should eat and have fish once in a wee, this protein rich food will keep your heart health perfect. Fish has omega-3 fatty acids in it and this ingredient will keep your health perfectly up to the point.

4. Take Vitamin E And Aspirin On a Daily Basis
On a daily basis, you should be taking Vitamin E and also aspirin. These items will maintain your cholesterol level.

5. Help Out The Needy
To remain psychologically and mentally healthy, you can help out the needy person. This will give you extreme happiness and satisfaction.

6. Do Crunches
You can do any of the stomach exercises. This can be done by doing crunches, you can do any kind of ab exercise. It is your stomach which should remain the healthy mode.

7. Have Just One Cup of Coffee
Try to avoid coffee as much as you can! It is better to have just one cup of coffee on a per day basis. Do you know that a single coffee cup increases your heart beat and rate by 16 times, this is true!

8. Keep Your Marital Life Stronger
You have to keep and maintain your marital life on a stronger note. Avoid fights with your partner, do less arguments with her and live at peace.

9. Reduce Depression By Doing Exercise
You should do the exercise on a regular basis so that you can never get into the depression zone. You can only stay happy if you will do workout, cardio exercises, running and swimming. So try to do these exercise sessions and never become a depressed person.

10. Pray Regularly
Lastly, you have to pray regularly. Allah is your best companion, talk to Him and He will listen to you. Pray five times a day, recite Quran and see great improvements in your health.

Just keep connected with us and more health tips are coming up. Which else tip you follow and opt while maintaining your physical fitness, share that tip with us and keep in touch. Now read top ten health tips in Urdu.

Top Ten Health Tips in English & Urdu Languages

Top Ten Health Tips in English & Urdu Languages