Top Ten Gemstones Benefits & Effects On Humans, Tips in Urdu & English

Benefits & Effects of Top Ten Gemstones on Individuals, Super Tips in English & Urdu LanguagesĀ 
Have you ever believed on these gemstones? They do hold a lot of importance in our lives. If we talk about the Islamic times then Holy Prophet PBUH and Hazrat Ali RA, both of them were found wearing gemstones as well. If you have read Surah Rehman, then you might have read the details and info on coral stone too. Then in some of the surahs of Holy Quran, details on pearl stone are depicted. Holy Prophet PBUH liked to wear Aqeeq and turquoise gemstone, on the other hand, Hazrat Ali RA liked to wear five different gemstones.

Top Ten Benefits of Gemstones, Smart Tips

Top Ten Gemstones Benefits & Effects On Humans, Tips in Urdu & English
Coral Stone ( Marjaan)
History of Coral Stone
This gemstone is only found in the saltwater and it is mostly found in the regions of Australia coastlines and shores, Taiwan, the coastline of Malaysia, Italy and Hawaii coastlines. Also note that the most beautiful red coral stone is found and present in Italy and Japan. Italian coral stone price is 1300 rs per carat to Rs 6500 per carat.

Before you buy any of the coral stone type, you have to keenly look at its shape, design, color and the spots present on it. It is according to the experts from the field of astrology that the number of spots present on the coral stone should be less and quite minimum. This is the single and sole stone which remains present in its actual form and design and too in its shape.

Other Kinds of Gemstones And Their Impact on Our Lives
Emerald: For the enhancement of motivation level and competitive and fighting spirit, this is the sole purpose of this gemstone. If you face difficulty in getting a job, then wear this emerald. Those who face loss in their business, this stone can do a positive magic and wonder for them.

Turquoise Gemstone: To get 100% relaxation and peace on every single, do not forget to wear this gemstone then! This stone will not allow anger to make a space in your life. Even any of the poisonous insects and poisonous animals will not bite you.

Blue Sapphire: Those who are mentally and physically sick persons, if you are a financial sick individual then wear this blue sapphire stone. If you are a person who cannot just hear tragic news then wearing this blue sapphire gemstone all the time is important.

Effect of Other Gemstones on the Lives of Individuals
Quartz: Evil eye and the use of black magic, it is common in most of the societies. That is why,this gemstone can help you in this area.

Opal: By wearing this stone, you can really convince your parents for love marriage.

Pearl: Many couples fight on often days, if they want to eliminate these fights from their married lives, then this pearl stone can help them out.

Cat’s Eyes Gemstone: This stone can fight back with the people who have evil eye on you or those who have done this severe black magic on you.

Ruby Gemstone: Those who are in the financial trouble, it can be assured that this stone can take them out from the financial crisis.
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Top Ten Gemstones Benefits & Effects On Humans, Tips in Urdu & English

Top Ten Gemstones Benefits & Effects On Humans in Urdu & English