Career Guide-Top 10 Future Jobs of 21st Century (Urdu-English)

Top Ten Future Jobs of 21st Century For Youth 
Let us talk about the details of all those future jobs which will come out to be of great and paramount importance in the coming up years. It is true that in the coming soon year, some of the job options will become less in demand and some of the job posts will become quite high in demand. Here we have listed few of the future job options for the readers, you can check out them and we hope that you will automatically become interested in these job options.

1-Registered Nurses
First we have this highly in demand future job option for you and it is the job as a registered nurse. This is the job where you will be fulfilling and completing a large number of duties. You will be performing all kinds of diagnostic tests and you will also be analyzing results. Then the job duty of these registered nurses will be to administer medications and they shall be operating medical equipment. It will also be your job to make the recording of all patients’ symptoms and about their medical histories. You shall be assisting the procedures of patient rehabilitation.

2-Software Application Officers
The next excessively in demand job option we have for the readers, it is this software application officer. In this job type, you will be developing different range and kinds of softwares, you will develop their codes and device the mechanism of their operative procedures.

3-General And Operation Manager
These future job options comes in the form of general and operation manager job option too. Your main responsibilities will be about formulating policies and you will be managing all of the daily operations. You shall be assigned to plan out the complete use of materials as well as human resources.

5-Specialist Physician And Surgeon
You can work as specialist physician and surgeon, so in this job, these surgeons have to diagnose injuries and along with it they have to treat injuries. It is the duty of these physicians that they have to examine patients and they shall have to take all notes of the medical histories and prescribe medications.

5-Biomedical Engineer
Then we have future job option and choice for you in the form of a biomedical engineer, in this job you will be designing systems and also products, you will design artificial internal organs and artificial devices so that your damaged body parts can be replaced.

6-Solar Energy Technician
The duty of these solar energy technicians is that they have to do the assembly and installation and maintenance of all kinds of solar panels. It is their duty to carry out the maintenance of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems which are present on the roofs, they show compliance right with site assessment and too schematics.

7-Water Engineers & Agriculturist
Fresh water resources are drying in the whole world and we need water engineers to tackle this issue in 21st century. Due to rapidly increasing population we also need agriculturists.

8-Aviation Managers
Aviation industry is booming now a days. Many kind of new aircrafts are being invented. Soon flying cars will also become reality.

9-E commerce & E-Currency Experts
E-Commerce is taking place of general trade. In 21st century everything will be sold out on e-commerce website.

10-Accounts And Auditor
Last we have future job choice for you and it is the job of accounts and auditor. These auditors have to perform these financial and risk management auditing procedures and assess local, central government departments. Now read the details of top 10 future jobs of 21st century in Urdu language.

Career Guide-Top 10 Future Jobs of 21st Century (Urdu-English)

Top 10 Future Jobs of 21st Century (Urdu-English)