TDCP Tour Guide Course Admission 2024

ITHM & TDCP Invites Application For Admission 2024 in Online Travel Guide Course

Are you someone who has a passion for travel, a love for meeting new people & a strong desire to explore the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan? If so, then the travel guide course offered by the Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab (TDCP) and ITHM Lahore might just be the perfect opportunity for you to turn your passion into a fulfilling career as a govt licensed tour guide. In this detailed admission 2024 related blog post of, we shall explore the career scope of the travel guide course in Pakistan, the benefits of enrolling in this short course, the eligibility criteria & how to apply for admission 2024. Additionally we shall address frequently asked questions about TDCP tour guide course to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of this exciting opportunity.


Admission 2024 Notice


Scope of Travel Guide Course in Pakistan

The travel guide course offered by TDCP Institute of tourism and hotel management presents a promising scope for individuals who are looking to start a career in the tourism industry. Duration of this short tourist guide course is just one month, including 3 weeks of online training & 1 week of practical training. This online course has been designed to equip aspiring guides with the necessary practical skills & general knowledge to excel in their roles. The comprehensive nature of this unique programme ensures that certificate holders are well-prepared to meet the demands of the local tourism industry & provide exceptional experiences for tourists exploring Pakistan’s diverse attractions.



Points to Remember About ITHM & TDCP Travel Guide Online Course

The course fee of 12500 PKR is a worthwhile investment considering the wealth of opportunities it unlocks. Moreover the absence of registration fees for the first training group makes it an even more attractive option for potential applicants in the current session. TDCP’s commitment to affordability & accessibility reflects its dedication to nurturing talent and fostering growth within the tourism sector. It is worth noting that females & applicants from minority communities are especially encouraged to apply for showcasing TDCP’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity.



Benefits of ITHM Tour Guide Course

1 of the key benefits of completing this short training course is the potential for both part-time & full-time employment as a professional tour guide. Graduates can look forward to leading tours with local and international tourists. They will be awarded a government licensed travel guide license. Top 50 students will secure paid internships opportunities. This demonstrates TDCP’s commitment to supporting its graduates & providing them with opportunities to kick-start their careers in the tourism industry.



Eligibility Criteria For TDCP Tourist Guide Course

Individuals who are interested in applying should ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria, which includes having completed 12 years of education from a recognized BISE board, possessing a strong desire to travel & guide and demonstrating an eagerness to learn and develop into a professional travel guide with a balanced personality ready to engage with people from diverse backgrounds. This emphasis on personal & professional qualities ensures that the program attracts individuals who are genuinely passionate about representing Pakistan’s tourism offerings & providing enriching experiences for visitors.



Curriculum of ITHM Tour Guide Course

This tourist guide course is a unique blend of theoretical knowledge & practical experience. Course opens doors to exciting career prospects within Pakistan’s flourishing tourism sector. By becoming part of TDCP’s tour guide course, individuals can expect not only personal growth but also contribute significantly to promoting tourism in Pakistan. This aligns with the broader national efforts to showcase Pakistan as a must-visit destination & to highlight its cultural, historical and natural treasures to a global audience.



Key Features of TDCP ITHM Tourist Guide Course

The tourist guide course offered by TDCP & ITHM encompasses a well-rounded approach, blending online learning with hands-on practical training. This unique structure allows students to gain theoretical knowledge while honing their skills in real-world scenarios. By incorporating practical experiences into the curriculum, TDCP ensures that graduates are not only well-versed in the theoretical aspects of tour guiding but also capable of applying their knowledge in practical settings. This hands-on approach equips students with the confidence & expertise needed to excel in their roles as professional tour guides.


TDCP Tour Guide Course Admission 2024

TDCP Tour Guide Course Admission 2024

Additionally, TDCP’s commitment to inclusivity ensures that individuals from all backgrounds have equal access to these valuable opportunities. By actively encouraging females and applicants from minority communities to apply, TDCP demonstrates its dedication to creating a diverse & representative cohort of tour guides. This inclusivity enriches the learning environment & prepares graduates to engage with a wide range of tourists for fostering cultural understanding and promoting inclusivity within the tourism industry.



How to Apply For Admission 2024 in TDCP Tour Guide Course?

For those who are eager to join this enriching journey, applications can be submitted through the official website or by visiting the TDCP office at 68 Trade Center Block near Ayub Chowk Johar Town Lahore. Additionally inquiries can be made via landline at 042-99231348 or through cell phone at 0300-1404100. The accessibility of the application process ensures that aspiring tour guides can easily take the first step toward a rewarding career in the tourism industry of Pakistan.



In short TDCP & ITHM’s tourist guide course is an online short course which can make you a professional travel guide within a month. Its fee is also reasonable and you will also become a government’s licensed tourist guide after completion of TDCP tour guide course so what are you waiting for. Apply now for admission 2024 in tour guide course by ITHM and TDCP.




Why Choose TDCP?

TDCP stands out as an ideal choice for getting admission in the tour guide course due to its top class facilities & comprehensive curriculum. .

What is the Duration of TDCP Tourist Guide Course?

Duration of the online short course is one month only.

How to get admission in TDCP Travel Guide Course?

Kindly visit to apply for admission.

What is the Deadline to Apply?

30th Jan, 2024.