Study in Turkey 2024 with Work Permit (Guide in Urdu & English)

Study in Turkey 2024 with Work Permission-Tips in Urdu & English Languages
If you wish to study in Turkey then here are the details for you. Do you know that this country Turkey, it is the second most and extremely developed country right after Malaysia, it is true! It will sooner be joining the European Union as well. There are many research based courses which are offered by the Turkish universities. Their degrees are recognized just all over the world and many of the Pakistani students, they prefer to be in the Turkish universities. Here is the guide for you and attach are the complete details that how can you study in this country by getting the work permit visa:



Announcement on Study in Turkey 2024 With Work Permit
This official announcement is made by the President of Turkey that all the Pakistani students who come for the sake of completion of study, they will be allowed to work too. Moreover, they will get the work permit visa after completing their degree. This is one of the revolutionary decisions which are taken by the Turkish government and it will further strengthen the ties of Turkey and Pakistan countries.



How to Get Study Grant in Turkey 2024 Along With Work Permit?
To do your masters studies from any of the Turkish universities, you can complete that two years and on the other hand, if you want to do PHD studies then it can be completed in almost 3 to 4 years. It is suggested to the students from Pakistan to learn the Turkish language course as well, this will make their position stronger and you can easily live and communicate in that country if you know their home town language.



Free hostel facility and too free medical facility are given to the students who are send to Turkey on the scholarship basis. Those who could not get selected for the scholarships, they can submit their fees in easy installments.



Scope of Studying in Turkey
It is seen that almost 115000 students are studying in the universities of Turkey and all of them are the international students who belong to other countries.


Sooner, the government of Turkey, they will be granting and giving admission to almost 350000 students and then at that time, this country will come out as the fifth biggest country who enroll international students in its universities.


After getting the work permit visa, you will be allowed to work in any of the companies and firms. Full options will be given to you and zones to explore the opportunities shall be offered to the international students.


This is how you can study and be able to work in Turkey. We will forward more guide to you, if you want to get an international level degree then studying in this country is a great and best option for you. If some latest scholarships or revised study visa policy or the work permit visa policy will be released by the government officials of this country, we will let you know. Read our following two articles also on study in Turkey 2024.


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Study in Turkey 2024 with Work Permit (Guide in Urdu & English)

Study in Turkey with Work Permit (Guide in Urdu & English)