South Asian University New Delhi SAU Admission 2024

Study Abroad-Saarc South Asian University SAU India Admission 2024

This South Asian University has started their recent admission phase. So note that 0th March, 2024 is the last date to apply and you will have your entrance test on 0 and 0 March, 2024. Do keep in mind this schedule if you want to be enrolled in this university. Note that it is an international university and it has been sponsored by total eight members of SAARC. It was in the year of 2010 that this university started to admit and enroll its students for the first time. Its first temporary campus was located at Akbar Bhawan India and now its permanent campus is located in South Delhi India.



More About Admission 2024 in South Asian University New Delhi

For the information, this university started its first one academic session in August 2010 along with the introduction of two of its post graduate academic degree programs. Then by the time of 2014, this university started to offer Phd and masters as well as Mphil degree programs. Their degree programs are recognized by all of the SAARC members. So this university mainly enroll students from SAARC countries. It is on the country quota basis that you get admission in South Asian University. It was Indian PM who proposed and gave the idea that this subjected university should be setup. No doubt that this university offers world class facilities and also professional faculty right to its students.



Why to Select South Asian University SAU?

This South Asian University get its majority number of funds from India. The mission of this university is to enhance the level of education and learning right in all South Asian communities. This university has been promoting more educational perspective and educational consciousness in all of SAARC regions and countries. It offers liberal and too humane education to its students. Higher learning is promoted in this university. Their degree programs are excessively linked with fields of management sciences and biotechnology as well as information technology field. It is basically a research focused kind of university. It offers research oriented programs. Currently, this South Asian University has been offering full time and also researched level masters degree programs.



Programs Offered by South Asian University (SAU)

You can get a degree in the subject of applied mathematics, computer science, biotechnology, international relations, developmental economics, sociology and legal studies. Note that their faculty of undergraduate studies comprise of BA and BS degree programs linked with social sciences and humanities and too natural sciences field. Sooner this university will be making and setting up more interdisciplinary sort of research centres. Its academic council manages and holds all of its academic related activities. This council has the right to establish more faculties and to abolish any one of them.


Final Words

So again note that 30th March is the last to apply in South Asian University and you will sit for admission test on the date of 0 and 00 April, 2024. Good luck for these university level admission and stay in touch with us. Visit study abroad category of daily.


South Asian University New Delhi SAU Admission 2024

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