Skin Care Tips For Winter Season (Urdu-English)

Winter Skin Care Tips & TricksĀ 
As winter season is there and we are ready to welcome this season as well, at the same time, do you know how to take care of your skin in this dry weather condition.Today we shall share best winter skin care tips in Urdu and English language with you. During this dry weather, our skin gets really dry and harsh. Our skin lose its real complexion and it becomes dull and rough. We lose the glow of our face and look so unappealing. Here you can check out the tips, these easy ways will help you to make your skin all glow in the winter season. The extra care is needed in this season time, so give push to yourself to make this attempt. Your face and skin will only glow if you will use the right ways and apply the right products on your body:

How to Take Care of Skin During Winter Season?
You need to apply oily scrub. This is an important application process. While applying this oily scrub, you will see that your face will look refreshing. You can do this scrubbing once in a week. Just get a random oil, like olive oil or almond oil, it can be coconut oil as well. Make a scrub of it and remove all dry patches from your face.
You have to avoid washing your face with a hot water. By washing it with a hot water,more dryness will come on your face. Just use a mild cold water and give a complete wash to your face.

You should also apply conditioner on your hairs. During the winter season, hairs get really dry and the problem of dandruff usually come. So make a habit to apply the conditioner whenever you give a wash to your hairs.

You have to apply sunblock during this season. During this cold season, it becomes easy for your skin to catch the skin tan condition.
Do make sure that you apply moisturizer on your face and whole body. It is must for you so that your skin look refreshing always.

More Winter Skin Care Tips
You can apply mask containing yogurt, honey, almond oil on your face. This is a great mask which will extract all dryness right from your face.

Girls can apply aloe vera on their face and they should also be eating fish. For a winter season, your diet has to be packed with omega-3 fatty acids content. So have fish on a regular basis.

Your need to regularly do the pedicure, our feet get dry during this season so do take care of them.

You can apply those foundation products and lipsticks which do not make your skin dry.

We are sure that now you will take the excellent care of your skin. If you have other skin care tips in your mind, share that with us.

Winter season is on its peak, so take good care of your skin and follow all the tips which are written above. After few days, you will get the maximum glow on your face even in the dry and cold weather time.

Skin Care Tips For Winter Season (Urdu-English)

Skin Care Tips For Winter Season (Urdu-English)