Scope of Women Studies (Gender Studies) in Pakistan-Intro, Job Prospects, Career

Career in The Field of Gender Studies (Women Studies), Introduction, Benefits, Scope, Subjects, Job Options & Tips

This subject of women studies, it is also termed as gender studies. This is the new subject which is offered in the Pakistan universities and most of the students are not aware about this point regarding the scope of this subject. This field can be an ideal field for the female students of Pakistan. This subject develop women right activists and males can also play a better amount of role in this field line. In this field, you study about the facts that what is the role of women in the society and what problems are faced by her, you look out for the solutions. Then concepts of gender norms and gender realities, they are taught to you. Details on the gender identities and gender balance present in the society- these topics are taught in this field.

Women Studies-Gender Studies

Scope of Women Studies (Gender Studies) in Pakistan-Intro, Job Prospects, Career

Job Prospect in Women Studies or Gender Studies Fields
Those individuals who have studied women studies (Gender Studies), they can work in women university, college administration or serve in the human resource management. These concerned degree program professionals can work in the NGO or as a newspaper correspondent. These professionals are posted on the job of a TV channel correspondent, as an editor of the female page of any newspaper as well.

Working as an legislative assistant or serving in the health department, it can be possible if you have this required degree of women studies (Gender Studies). Then the federal labor department, provincial labor department, consumer affairs department, human rights department, they call for the people who belong to gender studies field.

The publishing company, women counseling firms and social welfare department, these areas are suitable for you. The option to work as a shelter homes coordinator, researcher, analyst, fiction writer, they can be opted.

Who Should Study Women Studies (Gender Studies)?
If you want to be in the NGO sector, to get the job satisfaction, to work for the international and foreign scale NGO and to become a social mobilizer, these are the important points which are made for those people who wants to study this field.

Subjects Part of Women Studies Degree
In this program of gender studies, you will study the subject of Introduction to gender studies, feminist theories and feminist movements. And too the course of latest research methodology, gender discrimination.

The course of gender and women development, gender law in Pakistan, the subject of gender law in abroad, women health care issues, they are important subjects of this women studies program.
The subject of women psychology, females in Islamic perspective and the course on females in politics, females and their importance in business management as well as the subject of violence against females, all are taught in different semesters of this gender studies program.

We will let you know more about the new disciplines and we will give you the proper facts and stats that how these new disciplines and field lines are great for your future phase. If you are studying this women studies (Gender Studies) program, then share your opinion and experience on this page. How do you look at this subject and how much this subject has given benefit to your academic life!