Scope of Urban Engineering in Pakistan, Job Prospects, Salary, Career & Tips

Scope of Urban Engineering in Pakistan, Job Prospects, Salary, Career & TipsCareer Counseling About Scope of Urban Engineering in Pakistan, Job Prospects, Career, Salary, Subjects, Eligibility Tips in Urdu & English
Do you want to know that how far this discipline and sub field of civil engineering will go on and have success, we are talking about urban engineering field. A major and successive trend is now seen among the Pakistan universities. Though we have already large in number of engineering programs been taught in the universities, but the trend of urban engineering discipline is slowly gaining attention. We hope that in the near time, more success will be embedded in this discipline line. Now we will explore that what facts are present in this field line of urban engineering and that job options we have:

Popularity of Urban Engineering Degree in Pakistan Universities And Stats Given by Higher Education Commission Stats
For the information, total 182 universities are present in Pakistan, all offer immense number of degree programs with regard to the engineering discipline. In these 182 universities, we have 14 lakh students and the maximum percentage is admitted in the programs of humanities and social sciences.

The sad fact is that only 381 graduates are completing their degree in urban engineering field. The program of city and regional planning, it is also attached to this field. And in this program, we have 569 graduates.

Internship Options And Zones Opened for Urban Engineers
Below is the list of firms and bodies which offer many and extensive internship chances to urban engineers:

Nespak and Paragon constructors, national scale water division.
National highway authority and Port Qasim authority

Job Options
The job of a construction engineer, geotechnical engineer, they are part of this field. If you will be given the job of a construction engineer, then you have oversee all of the budgetary and time-management aspects and communications aspects of any of the project. Working as geotechnical engineers, it means you will build the structures. Getting a job as a transportation engineers, it means you will plan out the larger projects, like we are talking bout airports, ship ports and mass transit systems, harbors.

Career Growth for Urban Engineers
No doubt that these urban engineers career growth line will continue and projected to grow at an extensive rate. These engineers are always needed so that they can manage the projects which is about rebuilding and repairing.

For the upgrading of bridges and roads, for the upgrading of levees and dams or for the construction of airports and buildings, these urban engineers are needed.

The population is growing and it is obvious that we are in need of new and advanced water systems. We are in need of more waste treatment plants and for this job, urban engineers are required. It is for the renewable-energy projects that these engineers will remain in demand.

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You can share the favorite engineering sub field of yours, more info on this specific engineering field will be put up. Keep connected with us and share your feedback. Now read all about urban engineering in Urdu.

Scope of Urban Engineering in Pakistan, Job Prospects, Salary, Career & Tips

Scope of Urban Engineering in Pakistan, Job Prospects, Salary, Career & Tips