Scope of Library Sciences in Pakistan, Career, Jobs, Required Skills & Employment Areas

Lets read out the scope of library sciences in Pakistan, career, jobs, required skills & employment areas. It is true that this field of library and also information science, this field has now been massively filled and loaded with the professionals who are much and quite passionate to make and create a positive change in this world. So let us talk about scope and career of library sciences in Pakistan. Below are few jobs that you can take and opt if you have studied library sciences field.

Library Sciences

Scope of Library Sciences in Pakistan, Career, Jobs, Required Skills & Employment Areas

Job as Library Services Consultant

If you will get the job as library services consultant then note that in this job, you will be focusing on giving the deep amount of knowledge to libraries. You will be imparting your skills and knowledge to the libraries. You will act as a professional consultant and you will be helping libraries so that they can easily meet and solve the different issues.

Job as Library Manager

Then these individuals who have studied this field line of library sciences, they can have the job as the library manager. It is the job of these library managers that they have to oversee the whole and entire operative side a department of the library where they are working. They can get job title as the department manager or as a branch manager or as the director or they can have the job title as associate director.

Career Path as Library System Administrator

To be on this job, you will see that it is a management style kind of position. In this job, you will see and assess the overall and complete range of IT systems which are being used and working in the library setting. This job is much challenging and it requires a lot of responsibilities to be fulfilled from your side. You will be managing and handling interactive features, you will handle website issues as well as internal server problems.

Job as School Librarian

This job as school librarians, it is one of the common jobs if you have studied the subjects of library and information sciences. In this job, you will be overseeing things and areas like that of student accessing computers and videos.

Job as Archival Consultant

You can have the great career by being on the post of an archival consultant. In this job line, you will be managing all special paper and these digital libraries right at both of the public as well as the private libraries sector.

Other Careers Options Opened For Library and Information Sciences Degree Holders:

Special collections librarian officer, children’s librarian
Competitive intelligence analyst, electronic resource librarian
Information architect officer, information officer
Internet trainer, knowledge management specialist
Librarian specialist and media specialist
Program consultant and publishing manager
Rare books curator and reference librarian
Research analyst and a school librarian
Semantic modeler and senior program manager
Subject specialist librarian and taxonomist
University library director and urban branch manager
Web content strategist
Youth services librarian officer

To sum up, with scope and career of library sciences in Pakistan open up so many gateways for the students who want to be the part of this field. Which field do you want to opt?