Scope of Industrial Management, Job Prospects, Topics, Career, Courses, Benefits

Career in Industrial Management (IM) Field, Job Options, Subject Matter, Significance, Tips, Scope, Nature of Work, Required Skills
Therw is a lot of difference which you need to understand right between the general business dynamics field line and this industry line. Both of them are different categories. There is a difference when you are given a task to manage a business or when you are given the job to manage an industry. If you have done MBA then it will be difficult for you to manage the operations even of a small industry. So you have to study the field of industrial management in this case. This an important management science field and if you want to explore the industry management operations, then do enroll in this IM program. If you are a graduate in this field, then you can easily manage and handle the operations of large scale and small scale industries. Here we will explore this field of IM together. If you bare going for MBA studies, then try to pursue the specialization subject of this industrial management.


Scope of Industrial Management, Job Prospects, Topics, Career, Courses, Benefits

Scope of Industrial Management
This is a multi dimensional degree and it has a great scope in the present times and also in the future times. You can start with the exploration of this field by doing the MS, MPHIL, PHD studies in it. It has become the popular degree and field at the same time.

This is the vast field and the detailed, complete study has to be done by the individual. By exploring this field and by getting a degree in it, you will come in a position to set up your industry. This field of IM will tell you that how setting up the business line and an industry are two different things.

Subjects Served in the Program of Industrial Management
The subjects on principles of management, basics of programming, basics of IT information technology, business statistics. The students of IM will study the courses of business accounting, fundamentals of finance, strategic management, industrial operations, micro economics, macro economics. You will be taught on computer integrated manufacturing, MIS management information systems subjects.

The list of these subjects goes on and they are operations management, data base systems, process measurements and controlling. And also the subjects on human resource management, marketing management, knowledge management. The courses on SME, industrial relations, business laws, strategic HRM, bidding and contract management, project management, production, planning and controlling are offered.

The subjects on health, safety and environmental management, quality management systems and also standards, production and operations management. These IM program students will study about logistics management, inventory control, industrial maintenance, consumer behavior, communication skills, professional development.

Jobs Offered to Industrial Management Professionals
Work in the industrial development bank of Pakistan, ministry of industries and production, materials manager. Or as a purchasing manager, industrial consultant analyst, production manager, manufacturing in charge. These industrial management degree holders can work for the chamber of commerce, public scale and private scale industries, TQM manager, logistics manager. Or you can become a supply chain manager, factory in charge. MBA & MTech are two popular degrees in this field of industrial management

More future scope on the IM field will be given.