Scope of Home Economics in Pakistan-Career Counseling Tips in Urdu & English

Career Counseling About Scope Home Economics in Pakistan
Do you know that this subject of home economics has become an important subject in the educational sector of Pakistan, it is true! We have home economics college for girls in Pakistan and this subject is really helping out the girls to explore their skills and talent. It is from 6th class that this subject is taught as a compulsory subject in each and every school of Pakistan. It was in 1955 year that College of Home Economics was established in Lahore as well as in Karachi. In your intermediate education and also in your B.A education mode, this subject appears as one of the optional subjects.

Career & Scope of Home Economics in Pakistan
It is a fact that this subject of home economics is guiding the girls of Pakistan that how they should take care of their family as well as home. This subject really open up new career avenues and options for the Pakistani girls. It is an inclusive educational subject which tell us about the economics while handling a home and family.
In this subject, girls learn a lot about cooking, you know about the food preparation tasks and it is true that this job of food preparation is one of the centrals tasks when it comes to homemaking. This subject teaches the girls that balanced meals can be cooked up and you too learn about the food safety aspect and food preservation aspect.

Importance of Home Economics Subject
Then this subject plays an important role in teaching the girls about the concept of child development. Though you will learn extremely about the nutrition and cooking, on the other hand, coaching on child development will be given to you. You will be taught that how a child can be brought up and what are the main stages when it comes to child development.

You know about the community awareness aspect as well as about the importance of education. It is these women who are the first and initial educators for their child and it is important for any girl to be educated. This subject teach them about the teaching skills so that they easily teach their kids too.

This subject of home economics also revolves around the subjects and concepts of home management and designing. It is important for a housewife to look after her home and to make it nice and beautiful looking. This subject will convey you the basic things for the section of decorating, managing and designing your home. You will be mainly taught that how homes can be kept clean, how can they be organized.

Lastly this subject tells you the basics on the areas of sewing and textiles as well as on making budget plans for your home, you learn about the health and hygiene measures. So we can say that this subject of home economics really tells a girl that how can she become a perfect housewife and a mother.

Scope of Home Economics in Pakistan-Career Counseling Tips in Urdu & English

Scope of Home Economics in Pakistan-Career Counseling Tips in Urdu & English

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