Scope of Geology in Pakistan-Career Counseling, Duties, Jobs, Tips

Career in Geology Field-Intro, Scope, Salary Package, Job Options, Classification
If you are studying geology, then basically and mainly you are studying about earth sciences. In this field, you not only study and learn about the features of earth planet. In fact, you study about the other planets too. We can say that it is the study of Earth. It deals with the study of materials by which this earth planet is made of!

You study about the structure of materials and processes which are acting upon the planet earth. It is the science of creativity and too the science of visualization. It is just these geology field line professionals who explore and discover the reserves of oil, gas, coal.


Scope of Geology in Pakistan-Career Counseling, Duties, Jobs, Tips

You can choose this field line as your main career path. Now many students are showing a maximum interest in studying this subject. We are in need of more and maximum number of geologists because just with the help of them, we can explore the reserves of gas, coal which are present in Pakistan.

Where to Work?
Every government present in any of the country, they have their geological department, you can look for the specified jobs in this concerned department. You can have your hiring in the oil and gas exploration company. In the education department, you can work and completely serve as a lecturer. In the space exploring companies and in the geological survey companies, they are many options for you to work.

Job Duties Done in The Field of Geology
These geology field professionals, they have investigate and examine the structure and also the evolution aspect of the earth. They investigate about the natural resources which are present in earth. They carry out the planning programs when it comes to the exploration of sites which have oil, gas or water, minerals in them. They do surveying, mapping any of the geologically promising regions and sites.

They have to collect and record the samples from the test sites. It is required from them to do the analysis of geological data by making use of the specialist kind of computer applications. They have to ascertain extraction risks and prepare the specified reports. These professionals linked to geology field have to advice managerial and technical staff and also the engineering staff regarding the development and exploration of reserves.

Branches of Geology
We have geochemistry, oceanography, paleontology and sedimentology as well as benthic ecology and biostratigraphy sub field lines which are important part of this main field. Then you often have heard about oeochronology and marine geochemistry and too marine geophysics, the field line of spectral geology- they are important sub sections of this field as well.

Are you ready to serve and contribute in this field of geology, if yes then share your important experiences with us while you serve into this sector. We will give more career related information to the readers about this geology field. This is a dynamic field and geologists are needed in a mass demand in every single country.

Scope of Earth and Geo Sciences in Pakistan, Jobs, Topics & Required Skills