Scope Of Electrical Engineering-Career Guide In Urdu & English

In today’s era, among so many categories of engineering, the sector of electrical engineering is of the utmost importance for the students at all mediums. This is one such particular category that is somehow showing with some pivotal importance in the economic development of the country. Since the last few years, as because of the discovery of so many latest inventions in the electrical world, the name of electrical engineering has made itself turn out to be one of the most noticeable among the students. There are wide range of universities in Pakistan who are best enough in providing the electrical engineering courses and study for the students brighter future. Maximum number of boys only do favor taking admission in the electrical engineering as it is considered as the field of boys. But with the passage of time there are so many girls as well who are heading their way into this educational degree program.

Scope Of Electrical Engineering-Career Guide In Urdu & English

Scope of Electrical Engineering-Career Guide in Urdu & English

List of Programs Offered in Electrical Engineering:

The study of electrical engineering is divided into the programs of:
The main reason behind providing one such level of degrees to the students is letting them be expertise and talented in the skills by becoming the part of this degree program. The main aim of these degree program is giving birth to such talented engineers who can further work into the economic field of Pakistan.
In order to take admission in the electrical engineering program study, the applicant is required to have at least 50% marks score in the intermediate study. Almost all the best known universities in Pakistan do conduct the electrical engineering admission process as on the basis of the merit list. In all the universities the BSC degree of electrical engineering is carried out for the course duration of about 4 years.

Course Guideline in Degree of Electrical Engineering:

In any university the curriculum and course guideline of the electrical engineering is of the utmost importance. In the first year of the 4 years degree program, latest computer course work is the main subject to study out for the students. In the rest of the subjects they do cover Pakistan Studies as well as mathematics, calculus, statistics, machinery, logic designing, equation, solid geometry and much more. In the third year of the educational degree, the students are taught about the machinery, logic designing and engineering philosophies.
No doubt that as you would end up your bachelor degree program and hold degree in your hands, you would be able to find so many jobs and companies doorways open up for you. But it would always be recommended to start off first with the internship that is held for few months of course work and make the students learn about the basics of the electrical engineering.


Was this blog post of electrical engineering career scope and career guide informative for you? So if you are hitting your mind to opt for better degree program after intermediate, then do consider electrical engineering in your mind first!