Scope of Defence & Strategic Studies in Pakistan, Career Counseling, Job Prospects

Career in The Field of Defence and Strategic Studies, Scope, Job Options, Programs & Significance
The importance of these defence and strategic studies cannot be neglected. We are in need of these experts so that we can understand as well as counter the attacking schemes and plans of our enemy countries. This study is also named as nuclear studies or you can call it as strategic studies. We are in the dire and highest need of these strategic think tanks so that we can forecast and assess the plans of our enemies. Do you know that our country Pakistan, we do not have a single one strategic think tank, it is true! We do not have military think tanks and we are in extreme need of such professionals and teams. Our media is relying on the pseudo intellectuals and they do not have sufficient knowledge about the internationals relations. It is just with the help of military think tanks, strategic think tanks and defence and strategic studies experts that we can cope with this section.

Defence & Strategic Studies

Scope of Defence & Strategic Studies in Pakistan, Career Counseling, Job Prospects

Career Scope And Importance of Defence & Strategic Studies
As we have mentioned above that our country Pakistan is need of professional and highly experienced military strategists. It is through these professionals that military can be given guidance on the plans been executed by the internal enemies and external enemies. In Pakistan, it is just and only at the master level that this program of defence and strategic studies is being taught.

There is a need to introduce and start considering this subject to be offered at the intermediate level studies and bachelor studies level. As we have become an atomic power and we have to change the perspective and concern of the Western community which have they in their minds with regard to be called as an atomic power state.

We are in need of the buyers for these self made military products. As we are making and manufacturing the military equipment like we have tanks and submarines as well as drones and fighter planes. So obviously we need buyers for them! It is just these defence studies experts who can convince the other countries to buy these military equipment.

Strategic And Nuclear Studies Value And Worth
These defence and strategic studies and these strategic and nuclear studies, they have somewhat same implications on our country. Many of the enemies countries, they are spreading this false propaganda that Pakistan nuclear program is not at all safe which is not true on any note! We need these strategic experts so that they can transfer and spread this notion that our nuclear program is completely safe and only being used for the constructive purpose. The NDU university and Quaid-e- Azam university, they are offering the graduate level studies in this field.

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