Scope of Civil Draftsman Course, Career as Civil Draughtsman, Course Content

How to Become a Civil Draughtsman in Pakistan? Civil Draftsman Course, Scope, Career as a Civil Draftsman, Course Content & Importance of AutoCADĀ 
If you are interested in the field of civil engineering, one of the career options you may consider is becoming a civil draftsman. A civil draftsman is responsible for creating technical drawings & plans that are used in the construction of buildings, bridges & other structures. In this blog post of, we will discuss how to become a civil draftsman in Pakistan, the course content of a civil draftsman course, the benefits of opting this career & the job opportunities available in this field.



Popularity of Civil Draftsman Courses in Pakistan

Civil draftsman courses are becoming increasingly popular in Pakistan, as they provide students with an opportunity to pursue a lucrative career. These courses provide a comprehensive understanding of civil engineering principles & help students develop their technical drawing skills. As such, these courses can have a positive impact on the economy by producing trained professionals who are qualified to take on roles related to civil engineering projects.



How to Become a Civil Draftsman in Pakistan?

To become a civil draftsman in Pakistan, you need to complete a diploma in civil drafting or a related field. The duration of the diploma program is usually one year. Some institutes also offer short courses in civil drafting that can be completed in a few months.



Eligibility Requirement For Admission in Civil Draftsman Diploma

To be eligible for the diploma program, you should have completed your matriculation or intermediate education with science subjects. Some institutes may also require you to have a certain minimum percentage in your previous academic record.



The Civil Draughtsman Course Content:

The course content of a civil draughtsman program covers the following topics:


Scope of Civil Draftsman Course, Career as Civil Draughtsman, Course Content

Scope of Civil Draftsman Course, Career as Civil Draughtsman, Course Content


1-Fundamentals of civil engineering

2-Technical drawing & sketching

3-Computer-aided design (CAD) software

4-Building construction & materials

5-Surveying & leveling techniques

6-Estimation & costing of construction projects

7-Building codes & regulations

8-Safety & health measures in construction



Benefits of Pursuing a Career as a Civil Draftsman

As a civil draughtsman you may get jobs in the field of construction industry. This includes roles such as drafters, technicians, surveyors, estimators & designers; all positions which require professional training & experience. Civil draftsmen may also find work outside their chosen profession such as teaching or providing consultancy services for different companies or government organizations dealing with infrastructure development projects. Furthermore, many international companies prefer hiring professionals who possess degrees from these types of educational programs due to their vast knowledge base in the field which gives them an edge over other applicants without similar qualifications. Here are some more benefits of becoming a civil draughtsman in Pakistan;


1-High Demand: There is a high demand for civil draftsman in Pakistan due to the rapid growth in the construction industry in the country. Same high demand is also in the gulf countries like Saudia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates etc.


2-Lucrative Salary: Civil draftsmen are paid well in Pakistan & their salaries increase with experience.


3-Career Growth: After gaining some experience, civil draftsmen can advance to managerial positions in construction companies.


4-Job Security: The construction industry is unlikely to slow down in the foreseeable future, providing job security to civil draftsmen.



In addition to offering employment opportunities within various sectors related to construction industry, civil draftsmen are also well-equipped to handle complex tasks associated with building projects like designing structures from scratch or making modifications according existing plans based on new requirements outlined by clients or consultants involved in project execution process etcetera. Moreover, since modern technologies like CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software packages have become more widespread across all industries; having knowledge about computer graphics combined with practical drafting experience can prove invaluable when seeking job prospects linked directly or indirectly with designing solutions implementation processes for customer oriented products/services delivery cycles etcetera.



Job Opportunities for Civil Draftsmen

After completing a diploma in civil drafting, you can find job opportunities in the following sectors:


1-Construction companies

2-Government departments

3-Architecture firms

4-Engineering consultancies

5-Real estate companies

6-Private housing schemes


8-CPEC projects


10-Freelancing websites



Career Options as Civil Draftsman

The job titles that civil draftsmen can hold include:



2-CAD Operator

3-Building Designer


5-Site Supervisor



What is AutoCAD & its Role in the Career of a Civil Draftsman?

It is also important in this blog post to introduce you with the AutoCAD and its importance for a civil draughtsman’s career. AutoCAD is a computer-aided design (CAD) software which is generally used for creating 2D & 3D technical drawings & designs. It is widely used in the field of engineering, including civil engineering, as it allows for accurate & efficient creation of technical drawings & designs.



For civil draughtsman, AutoCAD plays a significant role in their rapid career development and growth. Here are some ways in which AutoCAD can benefit civil draftsmen:



1-Efficient Drafting: AutoCAD allows for faster & more accurate drafting of technical drawings, as it provides a wide range of tools and features that simplify the drawing process.


2-Precision: AutoCAD enables civil draughtsmen to create technical drawings with high levels of precision, ensuring that the drawings are accurate & meet the required standards.


3-3D Modelling: AutoCAD allows for the creation of 3D models of buildings & structures, which can help civil draftsmen to visualize and communicate their designs more effectively.


4-Collaboration: AutoCAD enables civil draftsmen to collaborate with other members of the design & construction team, as it allows for easy sharing & editing of drawings.


5-Career Advancement: Knowledge of AutoCAD is highly valued in the civil engineering industry & proficiency in the software can lead to better job opportunities & career advancement.


In summary, AutoCAD is an essential tool for civil draftsmen, as it allows them to create accurate & efficient technical drawings & designs. Its benefits include faster drafting, precision, 3D modelling, collaboration & career advancement, so if you want to become a successful civil draftsman then do master the use of AutoCAD. This software is the key to success for you, so in the initial stage of your career try to get internship for having experience of this tool in the practical field.




Becoming a civil draftsman can be a rewarding career choice for those who are interested in the field of civil engineering. By completing a diploma in civil drafting, you can gain the knowledge & skills required to create technical drawings & plans for construction projects. With the rapid growth in the construction industry in Pakistan, there is a high demand for civil draftsmen who can contribute to the development of the country’s infrastructure, so get admission in civil draftsman course right now for your secured career.