Ramazan Bazar Punjab Package & Price List 2024

Punjab Government Ramadan Bazar Package & Rate List 2024

The Islamic calendar runs on the lunar months. This lunar calendar is a set of twelve months starting with the month of Muharram. Despite the fact that every month has its own significance the Muslims desperately wait for the month of Ramazan. The significant feature of the month is fasting or Sawm, which technically refers to refraining from eating and drinking. It is the ninth month of the Islamic or drinking anything for a particular time starting in the early morning and lasting till the darkness starts wrapping the skies. It is a month of piousness and devotion that comes along with it. It brings the humans closer to their fellows. The whole day’s deprivation from food and water helps them understand the pain and deprivation of many in their community. The month gives the Muslim a chance to come closer to their Creator. It is the month when Allah bestowed the best of His gifts in Best of His nights to Best of His Prophets, and that gift is nothing but Quran.


Punjab Ramazan Bazar Package 2024

Although Ramzan is a highly sacred month, people living in Pakistan have grievances over the inflation and the increasing prices of all eatable stuff. The concern is related to the prices of vegetables, fruits and cooking oil. It becomes really difficult for a common man in Pakistan to have some healthy food to keep the fast and then do iftar in a healthy way. The price raise is observed soon after the month of Shaban enters into the second half. Despite the constant announcements from government no one pays a heed to the instructions. Many shopkeepers dump the stuff in their stores before the month begins and claims for shortage. As ramazan begins the stuff is brought to market against very heavy costs. Ramazan bazar Punjab package & price list 2024 is a sigh of relief.

Ramazan Bazar Punjab Package & Price List 2023

Ramazan Bazar Punjab Rate List 2024

In order to facilitate the public of Pakistan, the government of Punjab has taken the pre-Ramzan step by introducing a consumer friendly package. Ramazan Bazar Punjab Rate List 2024 is a gift of Ramzan from the Government of Punjab.


Ramadan Bazars in Punjab 2024

The public will be able to avail the subsidy of 5 billion on wheat flour. Throughout Punjab, there will be 313 Ramzan bazars, 25 model bazaars, and 2,000 dastarkhwan for the people. The Ramazan bazaar will start working on the 2o of March and the people will be able to shop from 9 in the morning till 6 in the evening.


The chief minister Buzdar announced that 14 billion flour bags of 10 kg will be provided for the month of Ramazan. The people would feel comfortable in buying eggs and cooking fats at rates comparatively cheaper than the open market.



Final Words

This Ramazan bazar Punjab package & rate list 2024 is just the beginning. We hope that in coming days people will have much more to cherish. Read the details about Punjab government Ramazan bazar package & price list in the newspaper ad cutting below this post. For more on the coming Ramzan stay tuned with us. We wish you all a blessed Ramazan.


Ramadan Calendar 2024

Ramazan Bazar Punjab Package & Price List 2023


Ramazan Bazar Punjab Package & Price List 2024



Ramazan Bazar Punjab Package & Price List 2023


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