Punjab College 1st Year Admission 2023, Free Education & Scholarships

Punjab Group of Colleges Inter 1st Year Admission 2023, Free Education & Scholarships
You can receive from here the complete news of Punjab College admissions which are as per in their announcement and schedule phase. You can have free education from this college but it depends on your matric exam marks. Rest they have scholarship programs and much better financial assistance schemes for the students. Apply in Punjab College as for your information this college has just proposed the information of their 1st year class admissions.



Free Education Details Issued by Punjab College for Their 1st Year Admission 2023
This Punjab College can give you free education if you will meet up to their requirements. Like apply within their time limit and deadline dates. Rest to be in Fsc program of this college, the applicant should be having 75% marks in his matriculation exams.


To get registered for their ICS group, or if the applicant wants to apply and have their form to be handed over in their general science group, he should be having 70% in his matric exam.


The F.A program and their I.com program, it makes the requirement that the student should have 65% marks in his 10th class exam if he wants to receive complete free education from this college.



Scholarships for Other Punjab Board Toppers And Federal Board Toppers
For other Punjab board toppers and also for Federal board toppers, some scholarship amount and cash prize is fixed for them. The first board topper will get Rs 500,000 cash amount. The second position and board position holder will receive Rs 400,000 cash amount.


The 3rd position board topper will get Rs 300,000 cash amount. From 4th position board toppers to 10th position board toppers, they will receive cash amount of Rs 50,000.


The arts group board topper coming on the first position will get Rs 200,000. Second art group board topper will get Rs 150,000. Rs 100,000 cash amount is for 3rd position board topper of the arts group.


Scholarships for Lahore Board Toppers
1 million cash amount is for the Lahore board topper. Rs 500,000 cash is for second position topper and Rs 300,000 cash is for third position topper who will be from Lahore board.


Rs 200,000 is for the toppers who will come at the fourth position till tenth position in their matric exams. Rs 300,000 cash prize is for the student who will score the first position in arts group of Lahore board matriculation exams.


Rs 200,000 amount is for the deserving student who will successfully score a second position and spot in arts group of his matric examination. Rs 100,000 prize amount is for the student who will get the third spot in arts group matric level exams.


If you are the most bright student and you can achieve these much marks and can become a topper in your matric exams, then apply in Punjab college because along with getting admission, you will get the cash amounts and prizes.

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Punjab College 1st Year Admission 2023, Free Education & Scholarships

Punjab College 1st Year Admission 2023, Free Education & Scholarships