Professional Academy of Commerce PAC CA, ACCA, CFA Admission 2023

The Professional Academy of Commerce PAC Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Dubai, Ajman CA, ACCA, CFA Admission 2023
Admissions in PAC are open and their programs like CA, ACCA, CFA, you can register in them. These admissions are for intermediate students and for A-level students. We know that PAC has followed the exclusive tradition always of giving quality and practical education. In most of the internationally renowned and well known firms and in the large number of multinationals, we see the professionals who have qualified from this institute PAC. These graduates are holding the key and important positions in these companies. You can also hold and be on these key posts and positions if you will get admission in PAC institute as well. Do you know that in all over the world, this institution has the pack and extensive network of 0.1 million alumni, it is true! It is quite popular in every single professional circle because of imparting and always delivering quality and top accountancy education in Pakistan and too in abroad.



Programs to Be Applied in Professional Academy of Commerce (PAC) Admission 2023 Phase
We have previously mentioned that applicant can apply in CA program or in their CFA program. You can register in this institute ACCA program too. Their proceedings are open for these admissions purpose and candidates can submit the form in their desired program.



Why to Select PAC?
Before you make a choice that why you should pick PAC institution, here are the reasons! As it is an approved college and linked to many national bodies and international bodies which are The institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan. It is approved by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, UK and also by the Accredited Tuition Provider of Association of Business Executives- UK. Training in the sections of audit and accounting and information technology and to train for the presentation skills, such trainings are offered by PAC body. They train professionals been attached to accounting industry and with the commerce industry. It has given training to almost 1500 government officers working in the departments of audit and IT. This PAC has received 47 certificates of merit and 82 distinctions at the national level and at the international level.



Facts on PAC (Professional Academy of Commerce )
You can call this body as the family and team of professionals which offers exclusive training to their students. It is the first one academic institution which was successfully formalized right as a Chartered Accountancy working in Pakistan. Since 25 years, PAC body is working and they have experienced professionals which work on their mission. This is the only institution which has its own international campuses. Their publishing house is the largest in Pakistan which works for the field of professional accountancy. Their students get the highest pass rate in these ICAP exams and other examination. They have a network of more than 100,000 alumni.



Apply in PAC and do not miss this time their registration stage! For more info, visit this institution campus and catch up with more news of this phase.



Professional Academy of Commerce PAC CA, ACCA, CFA Admission 2023


Professional Academy of Commerce PAC CA, ACCA, CFA Admission 2023



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