All About Pieas Entry Test 2024 Format, Schedule, Result & Weightage

All About Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences Pieas Entry Test 2024 Format, Pattern, Schedule, Result & Weight-age
This Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences entry test 2024 is taking place sooner. We have gathered complete news and all entry test details for you. It is expected that entry tests for BS and MS programs will be taken in the month of June. So who can appear for Pieas entry test 2024 and what are its laid down and set up conditions, here is the information.


All About Pieas Entry Test 2024 Format, Schedule, Result & Weightage


Pieas University

Pieas Entry Test 2024 Format and Complete Pattern

The official pattern of this test is that you will get only MCQs. This test follows the practice and since year old tradition of negative marking. As this entry test will be tougher on its side, on the other hand, candidates have to attentively attempt this test because the feature of negative marking is there. This condition can really bring a negative impact on your entry test score if you will give a wrong answer of any MCQ.



The scoring pattern of this test is that when you will give the correct answer of any MCQ, then 3 marks will be given and entered into your mark sheet. If you will leave any answer or if you will not attempt any MCQ, then no deduction will be made from this entry test mark sheet of yours.


If the candidate will give and provide the wrong answer of any mentioned MCQ, then minus 1 will be deducted and subtracted from his mark sheet.



Number of MCQs Coming in Pieas University Entry Test 2024

Total MCQs which will come and be appearing in this 2024 entry test, they are 100 in number. 3 hours is the total time given for this test.
The first portion is made for the subject of mathematics. Total 30 MCQs are made for this subject.

Then the second portion is crafted for the physics subjects and 30 questions are made for this section too.
The third portion of this test is made for chemistry subject and 20 questions in MCQs form are made for this subjected section.
The last and fourth portion is of English subject and 20 MCQs are designed for this entry test section.



Weightages Assigned in Pieas  Entry Test 2024

This test is not only important, your score of your SSC and HSSC exams, they are much important too. Like from this entry test scoring section, 60% weightage is given to it.


Then from the section of SSC studies, 15% weightage amount is assigned to this category. These O-level students, same of the range of requirement that is 15% weightage is for them too!


For HSSC section, 25% weightage is currently given to this portion. For A-level students, same of the weightage requirement, 25% weightage, it is assigned to their category as well.
For the candidates who have sat for the SAT II test, then their minimum percentage and score has to be 2000.


Only those one can sit for this test who have attained 60% marks or more in their matric exams. And those who have attained 60% marks or more than that in their inter exams. Prepare for Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences Pieas entry test 2024 now.


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