PMDC Admission 2023 in Private Medical & Dental Colleges

PMDC Announces MBBS and BDS Admission 2023 in Private Medical & Dental Colleges of Pakistan

Pakistan Medical & Dental Council is all set with the start of procedure where invitations are being sent to the students at the national level to apply for dental or any private medical colleges. Students can apply for their favourite college once the announcement of the MDCAT results has been made. By visiting PMDC official website, you can get further details about the application process.


Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) has started their portal system access from December th, 2021. The portal will close on January 0th 2023 after which you cannot apply. No email or in-person application form will be entertained. You have to just submit your applications through the portal system. After the arrival of closing date your application form will be rejected.


Through this portal you cannot apply for any medical or dental college which is affiliated or registered with NUMS or Agha Khan University.


Eligibility Details

Pakistan Medical Commission eligibility requirements are:
Applicant should have 65% score in their FSC or in A-levels IBCC certificate.
Score of 60% is also required in the SAT II and MDCAT. For foreign applicants SAT II is mandatory. In SAT II it is mandatory to have the score of 60% within every subject.



MDCAT Criteria for all Foreign Students

In case you are qualifying yourself in 2023 admission session, then you do have a choice where you can send your results of SAT II besides MDCAT results. Hence this requirement is merely for those students who are outside Pakistan and have 12 years education within high school.


If the SAT II marks is 480, then as an applicant you cannot apply. In SAT II, the weightage in subjects will be
Biology will be 40%
Chemistry will be 35%
Physics or Maths will be 25%


Documentation to Attach

Any application which is without the attachment of proper documents would not be accepted. You have to attach Passport size photograph, CNIC or passport, all your previous educational documents and SAT score documents.


Candidates can choose only one university at one time which can be either from MBBS or from BDS colleges. A merit criterion is based on:
30% for the F.Sc or A-level I.B.C.C Equivalency certificate
50% score for SAT I or MDCAT
20% for the interview supervised by specific college



Final Words

Merit list of selected candidates will be displayed through Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PM&DC) on January 0th 2023. The final aggregate marks of the candidate will be calculated as the sum of all previous educational marks.


Pakistan Medical & Dental Council Admission 2023 in Private Medical & Dental Colleges

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