NTS NAT Test Preparation Tips For 2024, Pattern, Schedule, Guide

How To Pass National Aptitude Test Conducted By National Testing Service (NTS)
For the information, this NTS NAT test, it is the national aptitude test. Here you will catch up with some of the important tips regarding the preparation of this assessment. Those universities which are associate with this testing body, they demand from applicants to appear in this evaluation stage.

NTS NAT Test Preparation Tips For 2024, Pattern, Schedule, Guide



NTS NAT 1 Test Category And Pattern

Note that those students who do have 12 years of education, it is important for them to appear in NTS NAT 1 test, this is the category 1 assessment stage. NAT-IE category is made for pre engineering students. IM category is assigned to pre medical students. We have IA category which is all made for arts group students. NAT-ICS section is made for ICS students. Then ICom students have to appear in the NAT-ICOM test category. You will get 90 questions in this test in the form of MCQs. You will get 2 hours only.



NTS NAT 2 Test Category And Pattern

This test is made for the students who have 14 years of education. If you have complete 14 years of education in arts and social sciences subject, biological sciences subject, management sciences, physical sciences or Islamic sciences subject then you can sit for this exam paper. You have to attempt 100 questions in this test. Total time given for this test is 2 hours.



Preparing English Section

The important section of this part is sentence completion questions. Then you will prepare the analogy questions. You should be able to know that what is the relationship between two similar words.
Then you will get questions o antonym, synonym, comprehension passages. This is the important area of this NTS NAT test. You have to strongly prepare it. As it comprises many sub sections, so prepare all these sub sections with attention.



Tips to Prepare Analytical Section

In this section, you will be given a statement and you have to then analyze it and reach to the correct answer.

You can also be given any scenario or any of the complex situation. For this, you have to work on your logic and critical thinking skills.



Preparing Quantitative Section

For this section, you have to prepare all basic and common mathematics concepts. Topics like addition, subtraction and multiplication and division, you have to prepare them.
Then prepare the topics of simple percentage, ratio and proportion, simple algebra questions and geometry.



Tips to Prepare for Subject Section

In this area, you will be preparing your key subjects. Like if your category belongs to fsc pre medical, then you will prepare the key and main subjects of biology, physics and chemistry. And if your key subjects belong to the line of fsc pre engineering, then you will prepare the main subjects of mathematics, physics and chemistry.



More tips on passing national aptitude test are coming up. You just have to do complete preparation to pass the tests as conducted national testing service (NTS). Stay tuned and more ways o passing, clearing these tests will be mentioned to you.


NTS NAT Test Schedule 2024, Download Date Sheet, Preparation Tips

Validity1 Year
NAT Associated Universities32
Test Cities13 Compulsory, 19 Optional, Total 32
NAT Tests in a Year12
Registration Linkhttps://portal.nts.org.pk
Category 1 NAT6 Categories for students with 12 years education
Category 2 NAT5 Categories for students with 12 years education
NAT Test Syllabushttps://nts.org.pk/Products/NTSNAT/nat-paper-pattern.php