NTS MCAT & ECAT Entry Test 2021 Syllabus, Guess Paper, Top 10 Tips

National Testing Service MDCAT & ECAT Entry Test 2021 Syllabus, Guess Paper and  Top 10 Tips
Many medical and engineering universities of Pakistan have assigned NTS to take MCAT and ECAT entry test on their behalf. NTS generally do not provide a fix syllabus for these entry tests. Students have to face lot of difficulties due to it. They can not prepare complete courser in limited given time so majority of them become victim of private coaching centers. These tuition centers used to provide them complete paper instead of guess paper, but now NTS paper out incident is not possible in future. NTS authorities are under strict vigilance. Now you need to rely on self made guess papers and we shall guide you that how you can make guess paper yourself. Here is all about NTS MCAT & ECAT entry test 2021 syllabus, guess paper, top 10 tips.



Top 10 Golden Tips For NTS MCAT & ECAT Entry Test 2021


1-Understand Concepts of Science Books
Understanding the key topics of science books is vital for clearing the NTS MCAT and ECAT entry tests. Just by memorizing the questions you can not even understand the MCQs then how you may select the right choice.


2-Making List of Important MCQs With The Help of Past Papers
Read all available NTS past entry test papers and even other MCAT/ECAT entrance test previous papers. This one time hard practice session will make you familiar with important topics of science subjects. After that first of all clear your concepts about these topics and then memorize them.


Guess Paper

NTS MCAT & ECAT Entry Test 2021 Syllabus, Guess Paper, Top 10 Tips


3-Alternative of Test Session By Private Academias i.e Model Papers
Sample papers are the best alternative of test sessions conducted by private coaching centers. Solve as much model papers as you can before going for real time MCAT or ECAT entry test.


4-Prepare Text Book Exercises Thoroughly
Key subjective and objective questions are given in text book exercises. These questions are designed for testing your learning level about important topics of each chapter. So first prepare these MCQs and questions and then revise them at least twice before the test date.


5-Summary of Chapters, Glossary & Definitions
You will get everything from your text books. Glossary and definitions given before the back title of board syllabus books and summary of important topics of each chapter given before exercise are also very important. Read and prepare them from A to Z.


6-Clearing The Concepts About Science Practicals
Never memorize the practicals rather understand the scientific rules behind them. You must practice the practicals several times. MCQs given in practical note books may also help you in clearing NTS MCAT and ECAT entry tests.


7-Important Details Given in Colorful & Highlighted Boxes
In your text books very important information is given in highlighted & colored boxes. Take them as very important facts for NTS entry test.


8-Prepare English B Section of Your Board Syllabus
Generally no question is included in MCAT and ECAT entry tests from your intermediate English A syllabus book. English B section is very important for preparation of NTS entry test. Improve your general English vocabulary and grammar.


9-Numerical of Chemistry, Computer Science & Physics Subjects
Never leave even a single numerical of Physics, Computer Science and Chemistry subjects.



10-Practice MCQs Books
Solved MCQs books of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics are available in the market. Read maximum available such books. You may also get them from your college library and even from old books dealers. Important solved MCQs of these subjects are also available on internet. This practice will make your perfect fot NTS MCAT & ECAT entry test 2021. Visit arqumhouse.edu.pk and its facebook page for more guidance about NTS MCAT & ECAT entry test 2021 syllabus, guess paper, top 10 tips.

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