Master of Science in Coal Technology, Scope, Career, Benefits & Jobs

Career Scope of MSc (Master of Science) in Coal Technology, Eligibility, Job Options & Significance
This MSc coal technology degree program, it is one of the latest science degree programs which is introduced in the universities of Pakistan. Here we will discuss the career and overall benefits as well as job prospect which you will receive while getting this degree. This program is of two years and in the present times, only Punjab university center for coal technology and the faculty of engineering and technology has introduced this program. If you are interested in this Master of Science in coal technology program, then get admission in this university and be the part of this faculty of engineering and technology. The need of introducing this program, it is quite huge, we have so many coal reserves in Pakistan and especially we have these reserves in the province of Sindh. So we need such professionals who explore these reserves.

Career Scope

Master of Science in Coal Technology, Scope, Career, Benefits & Jobs

Eligibility to Enroll in Program of MSc Coal Technology
If you have done BSc in chemistry then you can enroll in this program. No doubt that this is a great chance for all of the students who wants to get enter into engineering field. If you have passed the degree in the field lines of chemical engineering or in mechanical engineering or in mining engineering then you can also be enrolled in this two year duration degree program.

Your age has to be below 26 years and this is important requirement which is stated by all universities if they want to be in this MSc coal technology program. There is no admission test required for this program and you will be given a direct entry

Career And Job Prospect for Master of Science in Coal Technology Degree Holders
It is true that by becoming a coal technologist in Pakistan, your demand will become quite higher. As minimum number of individuals pursue for this degree program. It is for this reason that your demand on becoming the coal technologist will be constantly higher.

You can look for the jobs in coal power plants, like you can work in the Thar coal power plants or you can have the great job position in any of the Jamshoro power plants. Then we have Sahiwal coal power plant where you can work at the same time.

There are many more coal power plant projects which are in the pipeline and upon the completion of these projects, the services of these coal technology professionals will be needed.

We have coal gasification plants which are about to be set up in Thar and once they will get completed and finished, then a huge scope for these coal technologists will be opened. For the information, this coal gasification is the process when coal will be transformed and converted into gas.

A large number of Chinese investment is seen in this area. Once China will do more and more investment for our coal reserves sites, then automatically they will take the services of our coal technologists.

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