Learn On Page SEO in 10 Minutes-Top 25 Advanced SEO Tips

Learn On Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in 10 Minutes With Smart SEO Techniques-Top 25 Advanced SEO Tips & Tricks
We have advanced tips for you which will tell you about on page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) method. If you are working for online world, then knowing about the advanced SEO techniques is important for you. Check out these on page SEO tips:

Top 25 Advanced SEO Tips

1-First of all for on page SEO make sure that in your URL, there has to be an insertion of your main keyword.

2-You have to bold your main keyword and at the same time, you have to bring it an italic format.

3-Make sure that you make use of the minimum number of keywords.

4-It is up to 1% to 3% that this is the recommended keyword density which you can opt, On the other hand, if you make the keyword density up to 5% then that is also acceptable.

5-In your headings, you have to use the main keyword.

6-Make sure that the length of your title has to be below 60 characters and not more than that! Do you know that most of the search engines, they show those article titles which carry 60 characters. You can use the long tail keyword right in your title tag.

7-The description of your title has to be unique. The description should be of 160 characters and not more than that!

8-You need to use the keyword tag option as well, you can use and insert the minimum number of 5 keywords over there.

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Learn On Page SEO in 10 Minutes-Top 25 Advanced SEO Tips

9-You have to optimize your images, you can do that by using the ALT and also title tags.

10-Your URL has to be search engine friendly, it means that you should not be using spaces or question marks in it.

11-You have to make use of the quality hosting server.

12-Your web page should not have any of the broken links. You can make use of the free software so that you can detect and know about the broken links if they are there on your web page.

13-In order to verify your ownership, you can easily make use of the Google webmaster tools.

14-For on page SEO purpose you will have to analyze your website on a daily basis.

15-Your website will be quickly indexed if you will submit the XML sitemap for your site.

16-To search for the targeted keywords, you can use this Google adwords keyword planner.

17-On your website, you have to add up the social sharing buttons.

18-One should use the Google authorship markup feature to make your site more effective.

19-If you are taking content or image from any other site, then give a credit to it.

20-You have to use the measure of internal linking so that you can engage your audience more and more.

21-Your post should be having lengthy words in it, like a single post should be having a word count of 500 words.

22-Your site has to be mobile friendly.

23-One can use the Google page speed insight tool.

24-Make sure that your site navigation site has to be crawl-able by Google robot.

25-The content of your site should be quality and unique in its terms.

Last but not least for on page SEO use AMP plugin for having accelerated mobile pages on your wordpress website and use all in one seo plugin.

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