KPBTE DCom, DAE & DIT Result 2021, KPK Board of Technical Education Peshawar

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This KPK board of technical education Peshawar is about to announce their diploma program exam result 2021. You can keep connected with us. Students of this technical educational board, they just click on this link and receive the official updates, news and all official proceedings about their exam result 2021. Good luck. Below details will tell you the importance of technically skilled manpower and workforce:


KPBTE (KPK Board of Technical Education Peshawar)

KPBTE DCom, DAE & DIT Result 2021, KPK Board of Technical Education Peshawar


Why Skilled Manpower is Important?
This skilled manpower has become the need of the day. There is a need that we have to rightly and correctly highlight the significance and importance of vocational and technical education training in Pakistan. If we want to see rapid industrialization then we have to pinpoint and look out for the flaws which are present in our technical training centres.



None of us can deny and neglect the importance of this skilled workforce. If any country want to see instant progress and if we want to have forward march towards success and progress then each citizen of Pakistan should get and be inducted with vocational training. We are saying this with much regret that in Pakistan the overall ratio of vocational trained individuals is just so less.



We have to equip our workforce with the needed number of skills. This issue has now become a strategic concern. If we want to see an instant national growth in Pakistan, if we want to see more prospects of development outlooks and if we want to be included in the list of developed countries then acquiring technical education is must for the people of Pakistan.



Now many of the countries have been supporting robust kind of training strategies. They are trying to meet challenges so that they can be able to foster and get strong and sustainable as well as balanced growth in their countries. Talking about the situation of Pakistan, our economy is heavily and much dependent on the factor of remittances which are usually send by these overseas Pakistanis workers. But this only and single factor cannot only contribute in the overall growth aspect of Pakistan.



We should be focusing our attention right towards the establishment and making of technical training centers and institutes. More secured jobs will then be created and offered to people of Pakistan. These Gulf countries are one of the ideal destinations for these Pakistani workers because our manpower is technically skilled. We should improve their skill zone more and more so that Gulf countries job market become a lucrative and flexible job market for people of Pakistan.



This Gulf countries job market can become a lucrative job market if the manpower from Pakistan will turn out to be more equipped. The demand of skilled migrant workers as well as these semi skilled migrant workers is getting increased and manpower from Pakistan should avail this chance. We should develop more skills development and training institutions so that more market-oriented kind work force can be made. Here we are going to provide you KPBTE KPK Board of Technical Education Peshawar DCom, DAE & DIT online result 2021 through the link given below.


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