Kids Vaccination & Immunization Schedule For 5 Fatal Diseases

Child Vaccination & Immunization Schedule & Benefits in Pakistan For 5 Fatal Diseases (Urdu & English)
No doubt that one cannot neglect the worth of vaccination process and immunization aspect which these vaccines give to our kids. It is on the 10th Nov of every single year that the child vaccination and immunization day is being celebrated. By completing the course of whole vaccination process, your kid remain 100% and completely safe from the fatal and risky disease.

These injections keep him safe from getting polio, pneumonia and other fatal diseases. Do you know about the vaccination schedule details? We will tell you. Here is the helpline number for you: 0800-99-000. If your kid fall in these age brackets then do give him these vaccines and injections. It is because of science advancements and miracles made in the medical world that these vaccines and injections are made:

Kids Vaccination & Immunization Schedule
First Injection
The first injection, basically this injection will keep your baby safe from having polio as well as hepatitis B and TB. The minute the baby is born, this injection is given to him. Missing this injection process might make your baby health and life serious.’

Second Injection
The second injection, it is going to be injected when your baby will be 1.5 months old. He will get the polio drops and the injection is given for the sake of safety right against pneumonia.

Third Injection
The third injection, it is given when your baby is 2.5 months old. This injection is again made for pneumonia and in this third phase too, your baby will get the polio drops.

Fourth Injection
The fourth injection, it is given when your baby is 3.5 months of age. This is the injection and vaccine made so that the babies remain same from getting pneumonia.

Fifth Injection
The fifth injection, it is usually given when your baby is 9 months old. It is for the safety from measles that this vaccine is made for the babies.

Sixth Injection
The sixth injection is made for those babies who are 15 months old. It is again made for measles safety.

Seventh Injection
The seventh injection is given when the baby comes to the age bracket of 4 to 5 years. This is the last injection and made for the job of diphtheria protection.

Working Process of Vaccines
The vaccines work in a way so that they can directly target your immune system and make stronger and firm.
It is the job of vaccines to prepare the bodies of your babies to fight against the fatal diseases.

World Health Organization Opinion on Kids Vaccination & Immunization
This world health organization WHO, they have always imposed a huge importance on the kid vaccination and immunization process.
The kid safety is guaranteed when he will clear and pass this seven step process injection and vaccination process.

WHO has urged to the parents to complete the course on their babies and follow the schedule strictly. The age limits and brackets are mentioned above, so it is also important not to delay the vaccination process.

Kids Vaccination & Immunization Schedule For 5 Fatal Diseases

Kids Vaccination & Immunization Schedule For 5 Fatal Diseases

Kids Vaccination & Immunization Schedule For 5 Fatal Diseases