Key Differences Between Internship & Fellowship (Urdu-English)

What is The Main Difference Between Fellowship Program & Internship Program? (Urdu & English)

In most of the conditions, the term internship and fellow ship are both taken as a medium to improve your professional skills and add a certain improvement in your working capacity for future jobs. But there is a considerable difference between the two of them which we are about to share right here with you. We are going to describe the key differences between internship and fellowship on this page both in Urdu and English languages. Some very useful related links have also been given for your kind consideration. Here are the details for you.



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What is Internship Program?
Internship program is the best way in which a student of graduate level can polish their professional working skills before stepping into any job profession. Most of the students choose to move into the internship at the time they are in the final stages of their graduation. Sometimes most of the universities even resist their students to take part in the internship courses for which they include extra marks in the final examination program in a form of grading.



Introduction about Fellowship program
Fellowship program is the best platform for the students in their personality development is enhanced at a professional networking level. In this program different students from various universities are compiled together and they are assigned with a project which they have to finish in a specific target. This will enable the student to know about their inside skills for future career choices.



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Difference of Basic Qualification
In the internship program, a student of any level such as school going, or the college can make their way into the internship centers for polishing their skills. It is not just required for the students of graduation. But when it comes to the fellowship program, conducting a project is a big task so mostly graduate and post graduate students are offered with the fellowship program.



Difference of Applications
For working in an internship program, an applicant has to submit their CV to the institution in which they want to do the internship. They do have to arrange a letter in which they have to clearly explain their internet about why they want to choose this internship sector as a future job along with the educational center internship permit letter.



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On contrary side, for the fellow ship program, the whole application processing will take almost few days of acceptance. For the professional fellowship program, the applicant has to submit written essay, 2-3 reference, and project proposal. In most of the conditions, you need to create a video link expression your thoughts about the fellowship program.



Difference of Working Hours Outlook
Internship program is both paid and non-paid. You can get an internship in any company for the time span of around 6-8 hours. The duration of the time period in the internship starts from 3 months and can even stay for around 8 months. In the fellowship program, you can work for at least 3 months which can last long for maximum one year and that too as a full day working hours.



Internship vs Fellowship: Final Verdict
In simple words, internship program is basically a platform in which you can polish all your professional skills by connecting yourself with some organization or institution. Fellowship program is all about improving your skills by conducting a project.


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Key Differences Between Internship & Fellowship (Urdu-English)


Key Differences Between Internship & Fellowship (Urdu-English)