Karachi University Business School Admission 2020 in MBA & EMBA

KUBS Karachi Admission 2020 in MBA Executive & MBA 
This Karachi University Business School (KUBS), it was established and laid down in the year of 1999-2000. This KUBS was created because Institute of Business Administration which was initially the constituent and official part of University of Karachi, it marked out to be the autonomous degree awarding university and institution. It is a well established institution. It has received a good reputation right in the business world. Its two years of professional degree program which is MBA banking and finance program, it is highly popular. Note that its 2 years of professional MBA program, it jointly run and operated with the Institute of Bankers Pakistan (IBP). The mission of this Karachi University Business School is to prepare the right set and amount of leaders. It is imparting general level management and business education to its students. There is a spirit of business entrepreneurship which is injected in the students of this business school.



Last Date to Apply in Karachi University Business School
The deadline to submit your KUBS university admission form, it is 02 October, 2020. Your entry test will take place and proceeded on 11th Oct 2020. From the site, www.uok.edu.pk, get your form and submit to UBL branch. Rs 1200 is the fees for this admission registration purpose.



In Which Programs of Karachi University Business School Can You Apply?
It is for these 1.5 years program and 2.5 years of MBA program that forms can be registered this time. You will sit in the evening classes for these programs. This MBA degree program specialization phase, you can choose these subjects: human resource management subject, subject of Islamic banking, marketing subject, or choose the subject of supply chain management, finance and investment subject. For MBA program of 2.5 years, applicants can choose this project and industrial management subject too. This subject is just offered for this 2.5 years span section.



Who Can Register in Karachi University Business School?
Eligibility for MBA 1.5 Years
For MBA studies of the span of 1.5 years, you need to have and score 50% marks in your last degree which will be your bachelor degree. It is must for KUBS applicant that they have and obtain 16 years of education. The weightage detail is that in your final merit list selection phase, 30% previous one academic record, 50% subjective test score will be counted and 20% general test score will be considered. That means some of the entry test portion will be all subjective based and a little portion will be general test question which you will attempt.



Eligibility for MBA 2.5 Years Program
For this MBA program of the span of 2.5 years, the applicant on a compulsory note should have 16 years of education. Note that 40% weightage will be fixed for their academic record, 60% weight-age is fixed for their aptitude test.



Eligibility for MBA Executive Program
Moving to MBA executive program, 16 years education is a must. The applicant should officially have 2 years of job working experience. Those applicants who have 14 years of education, they then should have four years of professional job experience.
More details on Karachi University Business School (KUBS) admission 2020 will be given!


Karachi University Business School Admission 2020 in MBA & EMBA



Karachi University Business School Admission 2020 in MBA & EMBA

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