Complete Guidance About IST Islamabad Entry Test 2021

All About Institute of Space Technology Islamabad Entry Test 2021
This Institute of Space Technology IST Islamabad does not commence and take hold of the processing of their admission entrance test, it only accept the result and score of NTS test. The details of IST Islamabad entry test 2021 are here. You should be sitting for NAT-1E test or you can appear in NAT-1CS test if you want to get and score admission right in IST Islamabad. If you will sit for NAT-1E test then this test score will all be acceptable to get an admission in the undergraduate programs. If you will appear for NAT-1CS test then this test marking and all score will be acceptable to get admission in their BS space science program.


Complete Guidance About IST Islamabad Entry Test 2021


IST Islamabad
Details of Institute of Space Technology IST Islamabad Entry Test 2021
20% weightage will be marked for your SSC exams or if you have done O-level then same 20% weightage will be marked down. Then for Fsc exams part I, 40% weightage will be allotted and considered and for this NAT-1E/NAT-1CS test, the weightage given to this test is 40%. Students coming from the background of A-level exams. This is for the category of FSc students. Moving to the category of A-level students, 40% weightage is all allotted to O-level exams and 60% weightage is for NAT-1E/NAT-1CS.



Programs Part of IST Islamabad
You can do BS electrical engineering from here, or you can do BS space sciences from here, you can do your BS in mechanical engineering. Admission can be taken in BS materials science engineering, or BS can be done and completed in BS avionics. Or admission form can be submitted in BS aerospace engineering program.



Eligibility Info on IST Islamabad Entry Test 2021
For their bachelor programs, you can fall in the categories of SSC/ O-Level or you can have and be completed with an equivalent education. Your SSC studies and exams should have 60% marks and your Fsc pre engineering exams should have minimum 60% marks. This 60% weightage should be made on the combined basis by keeping and all considering part I and part II marks. You should have 60% marks and score in your chemistry, mathematics and physics subjects. For A-Level or Cambridge students, they should give IBCC certificate which is an equivalent certificate. These A-Level or Cambridge students, they should score and get overall 60% marks and they should have C Grade in their subjects like chemistry, maths and physics. Age limit has to be 22 years and there should be 50% marks in your NAT-IE test.



Eligibility for Space Science Degree Program
Then the complete eligibility for the space science degree program is that you should belong to these exam and studies categories like SSC/ O-Level. This exam should be passed in science subjects along with 60% marks and FSc should be passed in computer science subjects or in pre engineering subjects.


More schedule on IST Islamabad entry test 2021 will be conveyed, prepare for the entry test so that without any technical difficulty, you can admit in Institute of Space Technology IST Islamabad.

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