How to Understand Body Language & Facial Expressions? Tips (Urdu-English)

How to Learn The Art of Reading Body Language & Facial Expressions? Tips in Urdu & English
If any one of you wants to know about the science of understanding body language and facial expressions, then here is the complete information for you. There are certain expressions which we make in our daily lives, there are huge number of body languages which we display on every single day. So what message does these body postures and expressions convey, here are the interesting details written for you:

Notice Hand And Feet Movements
If the person is crossing his hands or he has placed his one leg over another then note that he does not agree with you. This is a proven fact that if any person is present in this kind of body posture, then it means that he does not at all agree with your opinion.

Difference Between Real Smile And Fake Smile
Most of you do not know how to distinguish between a real smile and fake smile, we can tell you. You can look into that person eyes, if his eyes glow and speaks genuinely, then his smile and laughter is a real laughter. If there is no expression in his eyes, then his smile and all laughter is a fake laughter.

How to Tell Your Partner That You Are on Same Page With Him?
If you want to tell your partner that you agree with his opinion and feedback then the best way to communicate this message to him is to copy and imitate his gestures. If he is sitting in a position by crossing his hands, you can also do that. This will give a clear signal to your partner that both of you are on same page.

Lied Eyes
How one can know that the other person is speaking lie or not, you can look right into his eyes. If he will make an eye contact, it clearly means that he is speaking truth. And he is lying if he is not making eye contact with you,

Eyebrows Movement
Our eyebrows movement shows three types of expressions and they are shock, worry and fear. Your eyebrows will display an instant upward direction if you are in shock. And your eyebrows will get in tangled form if you are facing any worry.

When Someone Agrees With You On Every Single Point
When you notice that the other person agrees with you on every single point, it means that there are other things which are moving in his head. It means that he is not giving attention for whatever you are saying and uttering.

Putting Pressure on Jaws, Lines on Forehead
When the person is putting too much pressure on his jaws or he is displaying lines on his forehead, it means that he is worried. This is a sign that some trouble things are moving in his head.

So these are the basic body language postures and too facial expressions which convey and deliver specific meanings. Keep tuned with us and more facts on body language will be given to the readers.

How to Understand Body Language & Facial Expressions? Tips (Urdu-English)

How to Understand Body Language & Facial Expressions-Tips (Urdu-English)