How To Take a Good Selfie or Self Portrait? Photography Tips

How To Take a Great Selfie? Photography & Selfies TipsĀ 
Do you know how to get a great looking selfie? We will tell you! This hobby is usually most loved by the girls, most of them do not know how to take a proper selfie. You have to keep in mind few of the elements so that a perfect looking selfie can be taken!

The Factor of Lighting
The factor of lighting is quite important, it is this lighting which will bring a better impact and result to your selfie picture. It is recommended if you will go for the natural lighting. Professional photographers have to consider the lighting factor too. Just take the selfie in the natural day light time and see excellent results on your selfie picture.

Always Make a Smiling Face
While taking a selfie, you should always make a smiling face. It is this smile on your face which will bring such a grace on your selfie picture. So whenever you are having a selfie time, make sure to smile right at that moment.


How To Take a Good Selfie or Self Portrait? Photography Tips

The Background Has to Be Excellent
Then the background of your selfie picture, it should be excellent. Most of the selfies which we have seen, their backgrounds are so strange and boring enough. Opt for the scenery scene, the background of a beautiful looking building, such options should be opted.

Your Selfie Has to Look Interesting
Your selfie has to be filled with expressions, make a smiling face and show some expressions. Your selfie has to look interesting and it should not look dull and boring. Some spark has to come out from your selfie picture.

Taking Selfies With Different Angles
You have to take a selfie of yours from different angles, in this way, you can choose the best one. Take as many selfies as you can and upload the best one on your social media account.

Using Drone Camera to Take a Selfie
You can make use of the drone camera to take a selfie, such a camera is exclusively made for taking selfies.

Choose The Best Selfie for Uploading
You should upload just the best selfie of yours, most of the people, they upload dull and boring looking selfies on their facebook and instagram accounts. This should not happen, a selfie has to look perfect and for this case, your selection has to be perfect too.

Always do Light Makeup While Taking a Selfie
While taking any of the selfies, you have to do the light makeup. As selfie is all about taking and capturing a closer look of your face, so try to do a minimum amount of makeup. Upon doing a less amount of makeup on your face, that means you will get a better looking selfie.

Follow all these tricks and tips and get a best selfie all the time. You can only become a selfie expert if you will follow these rules. So become the expert photographer when it comes to taking selfies.