How To Select Best Private College After Matriculation? Tips

How To Chose Best Private College After Matriculation or O-Level? Smart Tips
We have so many private colleges been setup in Pakistan, if you have passed your matric exams and you are intensely confused that which private college you should choose then we can help you! Though these privately owned colleges, they are expensive and their tuition fees and dues is also quite higher, so you have to do an intense and careful research before getting admission in such a college. We have compiled some tips for you and by looking at these tips, your path and phase of selecting the best and top private college will become easier:

Faculty Should be Experienced
Before you choose and finalize a private college, make sure that it should have a regular faculty at its end. For intermediate students, if they will be taught from the visiting faculty, then this factor will not work. Your selected college need to have a regular, experienced and professional faculty.

How To

How To Select Best Private College After Matriculation? Tips

Avoid Considering Just The Co-Education Factor
Your decision should not only be based on the factor that whether this college offers co-education or not, though co-education element boost the confidence level of students. But avoid relying on this single factor only!

Look At The Past Performance of Your Shortlisted Colleges
You have to look and analyze the past 5 years performance, growth graph of your shortlisted private colleges. Like if that specified college has done exceptionally great and best during the previous five years, then you can choose that college for your inter education.

Look At The Lab Conditions
It is important to check the lab conditions of your finalized private colleges, if you are a science student then this element is extremely important for you. That chosen college should have professional labs in its campus.

Affiliation Factor
Your selected private college should be affiliated with the education examination board, like if your college is located in Lahore city then make sure that college should be affiliated with BISE Lahore board. If it does not has any affiliation and link with the exam board, then that college is a fake college. Try to find that college which is present near to your home, if the college is present at the far flung area then it will be difficult for you to look for the conveyance option and your travel expenses will get increased too.

Fee Structure Element
These private colleges are expensive, you have to confirm these details that how much is total fees for their intermediate program and are their any hidden fees and charges! Most of the colleges, their increase their tuition fees after the time span of six months, this is a disappointing practice and you should not pick that college which opt for this practice. Pick up college which charge minimal fees from its students.

You can share your own process and methodology as well that how you choose a private college for yourself. Wish you good luck.