How To Increase Speed of Broadband Connection? Tricks (Urdu-English)

How To Increase Speed of Broadband Connection with The Help of Easy Tips & Tricks in Urdu and English
Here you can have a look at the way that how can you increase the speed of your broadband connection, there are many ways to do that! You can check out these tricks. This common problem is almost faced by all of us, each one of us wants to have a speedy and fast internet connection. But what to do if you have a slow internet speed, follow these recommendations:

Tips to Increase The Broadband Connection Speed
First you have to test the speed of your broadband connection, you can make use of the speed checker to check this speed. In this way, you will know that whether you have the fastest internet connection or not.

You need to secure and protect your Wi fi settings, make sure that your Wi fi connection has to be password protected. You should not allow any of the random person to use your internet connection. If other and random bunch of people will use your internet connection then the speed of your internet connection will eventually get slowed down. Make sure that this internet connection password should be known just your housemates and none of the outside person should be aware about your internet password.

You can even move your router to make a dramatic increase in your internet connection speed. This is an important element which can impact the speed of this internet connection of yours. If at any time you notice that your Wi fi speed is not up to the mark then you can move your router. Place it at the location where it can grab and catch the maximum number of signals. It should be placed in an open place and space so that coverage of the internet signals can become maximum.

You should be cleaning up your computer and remove all of the unnecessary applications from it, these application consume the internet speed on a large note and finally you get a slow speed. Do you know that it is these windows updates and security scans, it is also these media player pop ups which eat away the speed of your broadband connection, it is true!

Other Ways to Have a Fast Internet Speed
You can switch to the fiber optic broadband connection, it is one of the fastest options which you can try. If you think that your current internet connection is quite slow, then you can leave that connection and switch to a new connection.

You can have the powerline adapter to increase this speed of your home internet connection. Note that it is these power-line adapters which make use of the electricity power lines right in your house so that the internet speed of your broadband connection can get a boost.

Stay tuned and all of the readers will further know about the ways of increasing and boosting their broadband connection speed.

How To Increase Speed of Broadband Connection? Tricks (Urdu-English)

How To Increase Speed of Broadband Connection-Tricks (Urdu-English)