How to Improve Memory – Tips in Urdu & English

How to Improve Memory- Golden Tips in English & Urdu Languages
It is true that as soon as age of an individual get to pass then his memory started to become weak as well. So which are those simple ways with the help of them you can keep your memory stronger? Here are the tips for you about how to improve memory. Upon following these simple tips and strategies, you can well improve and enhance your memory power.

Intake of Healthy Diet
You should have intake of healthy diet. Like your meals should have omega-3 fatty acids and glucose nutrients in them. You should keep on eating something after the time gap of 5 hours each. This regular intake will keep your brain active. Because of this continuous and regular in-take, glucose proportion in your body will remain balanced too.

Keep Your Brain Busy
To improve and enhance your memory, you should keep your brain busy while doing some activities. Involve yourself in activities like solving puzzle, playing chess. Such kinds of activities keep your brain active all day long.

Keep Your Body Fit and Healthy
It is important for you to keep your body fit and healthy. This is an important part. Because only then you can improve and well make your memory sharp enough. Regular walk and exercise increase the production of neurons in your brain. You body should have sufficient amount of iron in it. Your body does not have to be iron deficient. Deficiency in iron can lead to less production of neurotransmitters.

Do One Task in One Single Time
Do not make your brain over burden looking one. Like do one task at one single time. If you are watching TV then do not do any task along with it. If you are having a dinner time then stick with this single task only. Do not over occupy your brain. Multitasking will slow down the processing time of your brain and this aspect will fluctuate your memory power too.

Control Your Cholesterol Level
To make and keep your memory level sharp enough, you should try to control your cholesterol level. Excess amount of cholesterol level in your body is very dangerous for your overall health. If one will not control his cholesterol level then blood clotting issue will rise and your memory power will be negatively affected.

Have Apple Daily
It is much true that an apple for a day keeps a doctor away. Regular in-take of apple also keep your memory stronger and powerful enough. You should keep yourself away from heavy dosage medicines too. Like stay away from having anti depressants and sleeping pills.

Above are the simple tips with the help of them you can improve your memory level. If you think that you have a weak memory and you think that it will further get weaker then do follow these simple tips and remedies on a regular basis. More tips and tricks about how to improve memory will be published soon.

How to Improve Memory – Tips in Urdu & English

How to Improve Memory- Tips in Urdu & English