How To Defeat Coronavirus & Its Fear? Top 10 Self Help Tips

How To Win The War Against COVID-19 & Its Fear? Top Ten Self Care Tips in Urdu & English 
Coronavirus is not the most dangerous epidemic of the human history. Plague was much bigger pandemic than COVID-19. This disease is not undefeatable. Its fear is much bigger than its actual danger. Majority of its victims invites the death just because of losing hope and fear of death. Today we are going to discuss top ten self help tips for those who want to defeat coronavirus.


1-You need to strengthen your immunity system. Increase the intake of water. Try to drink hot water.


2-Vitamin C can save you from corona virus. Try to eat food items rich with vitamin C like orange, guava, grapefruit, cauliflower, papaya, cantaloupe, capsicum,lemon, strawberries etc.


3-Never accept defeat from this fatal disease. Follow the precautionary measures very strictly.


4-Muslims should remain in wuzu. Say your prayers regularly. You should also increase the duration of their Sajdah in their prayers.


5-Fasting is also very helpful technique for fighting against COVID-19. Faith in Almighty Allah is your biggest weapon against corona virus.


6-Three times in a day lay down calmly on your bed and give following auto suggestions to your subconscious mind “By the grace of Almighty Allah, i can easily defeat the coronavirus“. You should say these words with full confidence, faith and concentration for at least 10 times.


7-Try to eat high protein diet like meat, chicken, eggs, milk, beans etc. Drink fresh juices and eat vegetables too.


8-Avoid self medication and learn to make masks and hand sanitizer at home. Youtube can help you in this regard.


9-You must also think about consulting qualified and experienced homeopathic doctor. Homeopathy treats the patient not the disease. Its medicines can strengthen your vital force. Daily use of Ars Alb 30 can save you from verse effects of COVID-19.


10-Listen and recite the Surah Rehman by Qari Basit daily at least twice.



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How To Defeat Coronavirus & Its Fear? Top 10 Self Help Tips

How To Defeat Coronavirus & Its Fear? Top 10 Self Help Tips


How To Defeat Coronavirus & Its Fear? Top 10 Self Help Tips