How to Check Property Ownership Records in Pakistan? Free Online Method

How to Check Property Ownership in Pakistan? Free Easiest Online Methods
It’s time to know about your property ownership records in Pakistan with complete details! There have been so many websites who have introduced the system of knowing about your property details in which we have the names of the and also These two websites have been involved in giving a complete range of information about the properties which are located in Sindh and Punjab district sectors. Hence you need to know about the district or the tehsil area where your property has been located. You have to mention that specific area in the list of drop down menu. You should know the registered based number related to your CNIC. If not then you should be having your CNIC valid number to get details about the property ownership records.



Property Ownership

How to Check Property Ownership Records in Pakistan? Free Online Method


Punjab Government and the Government of Sindh have launched their system of online services with the help of which knowing about your property ownership records just single click away. This system of property ownership is controlled by PLRA. PLRA is basically Punjab Land Record Authority. As it is completely evident from the name that this authority will be giving you the details about the properties which are just located in Punjab province! If you are having any property in Punjab and if you want to acquire its details then visiting this organization official website is the best option for you. This department will let you know about all the property information and details within the province of Punjab.



Step By Step Process For Property Owner Search in Pakistan

Here we have few important steps which you should follow to get complete details about the ownership of your property through online system:
1-Visit which is the main official website to check the property details.


2-Over the main page of the website, you will be able to look for specific details about the ownership.


3-Choose your tehsil from the drop down menu option. You have to mention that specific district or the tehsil area where the property is located.


4-Now you need to choose the area of tehsil from the main menu.


5-Now you will have to select the specific area as where your property is located.


6-Now in the new window, you will watch 3 options with which you can check your land or property details. This will include through national identity card number, by your name or by your land or property #.


7-If you wish to check your property ownership records detail through the computerized national identity card no, then mention your fourteen digits.



Punjab Land Record Authority is newly arriving with their mobile application as well. This app has been all launched and it is all about the property details and information. This app is just available for the users of android. It will be letting you know about your property facts or details as well as check out whether you are legally the owner of the property or now. The whole process of checking the updates of the property is so much easy to perform and you don’t need to worry about facing any such sort of issues of corruption in your property.