How To Become a Renal Dialysis Technologist in Pakistan? Courses, Salary, Jobs, Tips

Career Counseling About BS Renal Dialysis Technology Scope in Pakistan, Institutions, Jobs, Responsibilities, Eligibility Criteria, Pay, Required Skills
BS Renal Dialysis Technology in Pakistan is a four year degree program after FSc pre medical. Students must have got at least 60% marks in F.Sc pre medical. Renal Dialysis Technologists provides of dialysis services to the renal failure patients. Lot of dialysis centers are working in private and public sector across Pakistan. Renal Dialysis Technologist offers a wide range of services including hemodialysis peritoneal dialysis and home dialysis. They try to save kidney failure patients from renal transplantation. They are committed to provide quality care to its patients and uses the latest technology and equipment to provide the best possible treatment.


What is Renal Dialysis?

Renal Dialysis is a process that helps people with kidney failure to get rid of toxins, waste products and extra water. In most cases, the kidneys can’t remove these substances from the body. With renal dialysis, a machine removes some of these substances from the blood, and a machine called an “artificial kidney” replaces it with a fluid called dialysate. This process takes place in a treatment center.



Who is a Renal Dialysis Technologist?

A renal dialysis technologist is a medical professional who specializes in the treatment of kidney failure. Kidney failure can be caused by a number of conditions including diabetes high blood pressure and other chronic diseases. Dialysis is a process by which the blood is filtered and cleansed of toxins and excess fluids. Dialysis technologists operate the machines that perform this life-saving procedure.


Duties of Renal Dialysis Technologist

The responsibilities of the renal dialysis technologist are to ensure that the procedures for hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis are carried out in accordance with established guidelines. The dialysis technologist monitors the patients during dialysis to determine the effectiveness of treatment and to document any complications. In addition, the dialysis technologist must ensure that all dialysis equipment is maintained and calibrated, and that all dialysis medications and equipment are used safely and in accordance with current recommendations.



Qualities Required in Renal Dialysis Technologist

Renal dialysis is the process of removing waste products and water from blood by using a special machine called hemodialysis machine. The main function of this machine is to remove toxins from blood by filtering it. A person who undergoes renal dialysis has to undergo the process for 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. Renal dialysis technician is needed to operate and maintain the equipment.


How To Become a Renal Dialysis Technologist in Pakistan? Courses, Salary, Jobs, Tips

How To Become a Renal Dialysis Technologist in Pakistan? Courses, Salary, Jobs, Tips

In order to be a successful renal dialysis technologist one must be detail-oriented and have excellent problem-solving skills. They must be able to maintain a calm demeanor in stressful situations and have excellent communication skills to interact with patients and their families. Renal dialysis technologists must also be able to work independently and as part of a team.



Responsibilities of Renal Dialysis Technologists

Renal dialysis technicians work in a wide variety of settings, and the responsibilities of these positions vary depending on the type of setting and what is being performed. In general, renal dialysis technicians are responsible for the care and treatment of patients with kidney failure. They may also be responsible for other duties, including the administration of medication or treatments. Most renal dialysis technicians perform one of two types of procedures:
1-Hemodialysis (HD)
2-Peritoneal Dialysis (PD)



What is Hemodialysis (HD)?
The majority of patients who undergo renal dialysis receive HD. Hemodialysis is a procedure in which the patient’s blood is removed from the body, cleansed of impurities, and returned to the body. A machine called a dialyzer performs the cleansing function by removing the blood from the patient and purifying it with a dialysate solution. This purified blood is then returned to the patient.



What is Peritoneal Dialysis (PD)?
Peritoneal dialysis (PD) is another type of renal dialysis. Peritoneal dialysis uses the patient’s own peritoneum as an artificial kidney. A PD solution is infused into the patient’s abdomen through a catheter. The solution bathes the peritoneum, where it removes toxins from the blood. The solution drains from the peritoneum and is then discarded. The procedures are performed in two different ways. Hemodialysis may be done on an inpatient basis or on an outpatient basis. Inpatient Hemodialysis Hemodialysis is usually performed in an inpatient setting. Patients are admitted to the hospital and undergo the procedure on a daily basis. During the procedure, the patient lies on a bed with a large tube or catheter inserted into his or her arm. Blood is removed from the body by a machine called a hemodialyzer and purified using a dialysate solution. The purified blood is returned to the body through the catheter. The procedure can take several hours. The patient remains connected to a monitoring machine during the procedure. Outpatient Hemodialysis Outpatient HD involves a series of treatments over a period of time.



Scope of BS Renal Dialysis in Pakistan

In Pakistan the scope of BS renal dialysis is quite limited. There are only a handful of hospitals that offer this treatment and most of them are located in major cities. The cost of treatment is also quite high making it inaccessible for many people. However there is a growing need for this treatment in Pakistan due to the increasing incidence of kidney diseases.



Jobs For Renal Dialysis Technologists

Dialysis technicians also known as renal dialysis technologists are specially trained to operate the machines that filter a patient’s blood during dialysis. They work in government and private hospitals, clinics, PKLI, dialysis centers and other healthcare facilities. Dialysis technicians typically work full time and they may work evenings or weekends. They may be on call too.


Most dialysis technicians get two years diploma in their field after matriculation with science while technologists get BS degree in Kidney Dialysis. They generally complete a one year training under seniors before they can start working independently. Dialysis technicians typically work full time and they may work evenings or weekends. They may also be on call. Renal dialysis technologists are given 17th grade in government sector. They earn up to 200000 rupees per month in Pakistan. Technicians earn up to 60000 PKR per month.



Institutions offering BS Renal Dialysis Technology Degree in Pakistan

Lot of private and government institutes in Pakistan are offering BS Renal Dialysis Technology degree like KEMU Lahore, KMU Peshawar, STMU Islamabad, Nishtar Medical College Multan and Liaquat National Medical College Karachi.



For becoming a renal dialysis technologist you will have to complete four years BS degree program in the said field. Otherwise you may become renal dialysis technician after getting 2 years post matriculation science diploma in it.